Sunday, February 24, 2008

just to sum up mssd 2008, i lost to teh li yen VERY badly. sigh... it was expected though. mgs crashed out after meeting with a series of state players. what a lousy draw...
anyway, i'm just back from LTC aka leadership training camp!
date: 23 feb - 24 feb 2008
venue: nur lembah lenggong
woke up pretty late because i was on medication for the past week. rushed to school just to realise that the buses weren't even there. sat with jess and we form 5 prefects chatted about EVERYTHING under the sun - from glenna's andrea "newspaper front splash" to BN vs. DAP to clinton vs. obama. matured-nya... XD
the place was pretty neat, smack right in the center of a massive oil palm plantation with the perak river running through at about 300 m in width. not bad... only that the place was swarming with red ants.
we began the camp with treasure hunt... well there wasn't even any treasure. sweat.
btw, the people who usually run these kind of places are malay men. even kem intan suraya and last year's harvard country golf resort. i guess that somehow being in TOO close contact with nature has made some wires in their head go all rusty... loose bolts and nuts... what do they do?
#1 talk crap
#2 crack UBER lame jokes
#3 brag about their expensive equipment
#4 brag about their so-called "best" facillities
#5 call us to shut up
#6 compare us to other schools
#7 talk about superstitious beliefs in the forest
#8 crap about being not responsible about our loss of beloongings
#9 belittle the female race
#10 make crazy do and don'ts
yeah... so, this guy was no exception.
my group's name is 23 - hasil gabungan from group 11 and 12. farah aka dr. S.M.S aka mawi is the group leader
this is our cheer...
do you know your math
what's eleven, spell eleven?
do you know your math?
what's twelve, spell twelve?
what's 11+12?
23 *whisper*
i can't hear you...
23 *louder*
23, 23, 23!
GO, GO, 23!
dinner time... more updates later...

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