Saturday, February 9, 2008

i'm back!

i got to carry baby reuben because his mom was busy with meimei. i was playing with him and he was laughing but suddenly he seemed to squirm. i heard some funny noise... oh no... i think he shit-ted. crap... thankfully aini came to take him away. second time, just before going back, everyone carried him. he was quite okay then. when i carried him, he struggled like hell.

am i not the 'luckiest' person?



i ate like a PIG. non-stop makan... how am i gonna play for MSSD???


the lion dance troupes came on the 2nd day of new year. got to watch them perform from house to house from the balcony of ah ma's house. took a video but it was too far away so i stopped after a few seconds. malay kids on mortorbikes and bikes from the nearby kampung cam to watch it. talk about muhibbah.


food i ate almost everyday:

#1 lobak: minced pork wrap in a thin skin and deep fried. eaten with a concoction of tomato sauce, chilli sauce, plum sauce and sesame seeds.

#2 sah kot: shredded turnip and carrot with "he bi" (dried prawns) and dried squid.

#3 purut ikan: a traditional nyonya dish (well, i'm nyonya chinese) made of fish and lots of veggie. sourish and it's a taste you need to acquire.

#4 tau yu bak: direct translation is black sauce meat. ah ma cooks pork with sea cucumber and mushrooms.

#5 pork stomach soup: it tasted nice actually. but i didn't dare eat the stomach because i could see all the things we learn in biology.

#6 chai boey: it's actually 'chap choy' where you throw in leftovers of food, pieces of asam and a whole load of veg.

yup... so this is what i eat almost everytime i go back to penang. it's nice for the first 2 meals, then it just gets..... but thanks, ah ma for the food!


ooo, yum. i got to drink ah ma's yummy chinese new year 'tong sui'. we only get to drink it once a year on the first day of CNY. it's a concoction of sliced gingko nuts, longans and red dates. yumm...


i'm going out with my sis later to jusco... actually around now. will be watching 'meet the spartans'. lol. i wanna watch 'sweeney todd'... =/

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