Wednesday, February 6, 2008

greetings from the pearl of the orient

salam sejahtera, kalian!

saya yang melapor sedang melalui kebosanan yang tidak terhingga sini di permatang pauh, pulau pinang.

uuaahh... i'm so BORED.

yesterday we left ipoh at about noon. amazingly there was no jam on the NS highway. as soon as we reached there, i helped Ah Ma and Ji-kor (that mean, 2nd aunt in hokkien) in the kitchen. karjie took 2 pics of me frying shellots for my kerja kursus moral. take heed! i did work in the cramp kitchen for several hours with the 2 of them and my uncle peter's indonesian maid - aini.

the whole family was back together nd we now had an extra member! uncle peter's (i think we call him Sa Jek) approx. 1 month old son, REUBEN LIM. absolutely kawaii. i got to carry him too. doesn't make too much noise so he's good. if i'm not mistaken, he was born on the last day last year.

we had steamboat. yumm... amazingly i only ate 1 prawn as compared to the uncountable amount of prawns i ate during darren's farewell. we celebrated Sa-Kor's chinese birthday as usual... this time not with a spongecake but with a secret recipe CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE cake!!! waaaaa...

as usual during dinner aunty annie would call from australia without fail EVERY YEAR. then, after dinner one uncle whom dad calls "Ah Ba Kor" would come visit with his wife and son. we played with sparklers and firecrackers outside. haha... it was fun but real short.

i played with my 8 year old cousin samantha (well we call her 'meimei'). bathed. dad and sa-kor "shou sui"-ed and karjie and i went to watch the 2005 musical 'PERHAPS LOVE'. takeshi kaneshiro (as lin jian-dong), zhou xun (as sun na), jacky cheung (as nie wen) starred in it. jacky cheung sang quite a lot. i didn't really know he was that good. takeshi kaneshiro speaks chinese a million times better than i do! i didn't like the ending though...

today i woke up at 8 am. went for a morning jog around the housing area with dad and karjie in continuous effort for sports day and MSSD. huge cannon-like joss sticks were burning outside many houses which may be unusual in ipoh but it's a norm here. had a relatively nice breakfast of last night's remainders. bathed, read the january issue of reader's digest before collapsing into deep sleep on the couch. i was so exhausted from last night. i kept hearing movements around the house because reuben was crying last night. sigh... i woke up, had my lunch of Ah Ma's yummy 'lobak', 'tau yu bak', 'sa kot', perut ikan, gulai and i think pig intestine soup (?!?!)

yeah... so here i am now blogging... i'm bored to death. my 3 cousins are out visiting their maternal grandparents somewhere as usual. they always go there for a whole day during 'chor yat'. sadly, there are no lion dances to watch this time like last year. ok... so before my new year ends in penang, i will go and indulge in chinese new year cookies!

zhai jien!

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