Monday, February 4, 2008

fair-weather friends and a word of thanks

some friends are worth losing.

believe me.

i have seen many masks that people, even my friends, wear when facing different groups of people in different environments. sometimes, they switch masks so fast before you can even say "spongebob squarepants". and yeah, it is rather painful at times where it their masks seem to give this air of "heck, i-don't-know-you".

what i really am angry at it is one moment you are their best bud, place to hang on to, counsellor, listening ear, shoulder-to-cry-on etc etc but the next moment, they just butterfly away. FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS.


concerning this matter, a bro in Christ was ever so considerate and sensitive to the woes of others - shao wen. i believe we began to not be so close around last year but i really am happy that you actually took the time and effort to notice, ask and even give some advice. you really made my burden seem lighter by sharing its load. because you experienced it (or rather, are experiencing it), i guess i had more confidence in relating to you than to just anyone. you're one strong guy and i'm sure you'll come through this issue unscathed. although i was rather tired and quiet last night, i had fun hanging out with you and waiting for uncle burger as well. thanks for "belanja"ing me at timur baru too! too bad we couldn't eat the fried chicken. =D

THANKS, SHAO WEN! i appreciate it a lot.

on another matter, sigh... form 5. first of all i'd like to publicly apologise to my wonderful deskmate, KWOK PHUI YAN who tolerates daily with my "grr"ing and "gah"ing every morning when i have a huge workload, who helps me unconditionally with my add math, who supports me in stuff i do, who lends a listening ear, who actually runs around with me to look for the badminton team peeps, who takes down homework when i'm away, who cares, who keeps me focused in class, who laughs with me, who has made me a better student today.

THANKS, PHUI YAN! i really thank GOD that i have a deskmate like you.

on yet another matter, my juniors especially this year's form 3s are absolutely wonderful. they have brought tonnes of laughter into the dreary days of form 5. the form 3 CF committees just make CF work more enjoyable, especially with anna my vice-p. the form 3 members of CF also make our CF more happening! my mentee - shu qi - who is so "kacau"able at times and even nyit yi keep me company when i'm working late at night online. these people also give me lots of INSIDE information. haha... they're quite interesting to listen to.

THANKS, FORM 3s! GOD bless your sense of humour.

after writing this, i feel... well ...old. haha. but i feel somewhat better knowing that the people that surround me are wonderfully brilliant friends who outnumber fair-weather friends by a 100:1 ratio. GOD has indeed blessed these 4 years in MGS. i have never regretted transferring schools. GOD has sent so many wonderful people into my life - be it the old woman who helped me up when i fell outside the dobby or my close friends who support me in trials. so, lastly...

THANKS, GOD! you're the best.

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