Tuesday, February 5, 2008

60th RANT

this is my 60th post! wow... haha.

i just came back home from badminton... it's a holiday today for MGS only. sweated it out. phew... glenna dropped me at jusco and i walked to salam corner where i had my late (2nd) breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik alone. then i walked all the way back home. helped do house chores: warmed up the rice and soup for sean, swept the porch, watered the plants, cleaned the flower pots (haha...), swept the house. yeah... that's it.


on another matter... even as i blogged yesterday, i was pissed, real pissed. pissed at people who segregate the people around them, categorise the people around them. these people care for their own whims and fancies. if i am too direct for your liking, maybe you should stop reading right here, because i'm not going to apologise for being tactless.

can you still call yourself a christian if you go around having fun on your own while failing to see the needs of other people around you? those in need of company? would you sacrifice your own time and probably your own fun to see someone else smile because someone cares? are we really christian enough to do a simple thing like this? that someone can just be anyone - i'm not limiting them to just newcomers in church or someone you barely know. that someone might be someone close to your heart who is sitting alone at a table or someone you talk to every other day who is just loitering around becauses they have no one. are we sensitive enough to notice?

christ could've just cared less for us. he could've said, "i haven't met them because they're not born yet so i'm just dying for my disciples." but he didn't.

so what about us? would you say, "i'm having fun hanging out with this gang now. there are so many people around, let them mix with him/her. i'm spending time with this gang."? or perhaps you just DIDN'T see.

these people go to church without fail every sunday and go "hallelujah, hallelujah" either on the stage or down there. these people go to CF, GB whatever christian meeting and they go "we must evangelise. go forth and baptize everyone in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! GO!" but they fail to notice one person who is contemplating to drop out of church because it seems that no one cares when people in church are SUPPOSED to care.

hypocrites? i believe so.


i really used to look forward to going to MYF. but over the years, i guess this eagerness has just dwindled. yeah, i love GOD to bits but is church really the condusive place to grow spiritually? are the people around us encouraging us in our faith in GOD or are they just tearing down our initial unadulterated perception of "people in church make good friends"?

why do i involve myself so frequently in captain ball? because there is no need to loiter around without a purpose. in captain ball, you don't need to talk, you're in the game.

i used to enjoy going out with my church friends unlimited to CGs. but now, i really don't look forward. what has changed? have the people changed? have i changed? did i realise things are not so fairytale as i grow older and perhaps more mature in thought?

i have to agree with glenna who said something today that sometimes having such friends (are they eligible to be called friends???) makes you a stronger person. those who have never experienced it before just aren't the same as those who have. so yeah... these things are probably for the better in the long run. but GOD, help me to keep me from stranggling their necks.

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