Thursday, February 28, 2008

piawai just started and i had barely studied. throughout the week, i was just concentrating on trying to get well, but till now, even with my dosage of antibiotics finished, i'm still unwell. i have only one piriton tablet and my cold's still there.

i have begun to take on a new perspective on bio since i have decided to take on sports physiotherapy. in fact, i cannot wait for tertiary education! finally being able to study something i enjoy has just lifted my spirits to study harder! i studied bio like mad last night and it paid off. i was able to answer the paper like never before! praise GOD!

sejarah... i was pretty afraid for i had barely touched it yesterday. today, i sat down with nikki, lavanyah and deviyah - a pretty unusual combination but i enjoyed it thoroughly - and we recited the parts on GERAKAN NASIONALISME DI ASIA TENGGARA. it made sejarah so much more fun.

during recess, i saw several familiar faces. it was ms. mindy the ACS badminton teacher. she recognised me, waved and introduced me to several of the ACS students whom i knew were promoting their play GREASE. if i'm not mistaken they were arvin, kah chye and a wai seng.. i think. wai seng said he saw me the other day. hmm? when? it must be during MSSD i guess. then he started promoting GREASE and i went "oh yeah, i know" kind of thing. LOL random-ness.

anyway, i began to recite IMPERIALISME DI ASIA TENGGARA during corridor duty. the form 5 malay girls from the vokasional classes whom i can gel with laughed at me. haha. the 3 prinia stared at me as though it was so weird.

all the papers were relatively easy and i felt "enraged" because i studied! but i could answer the sejarah paper in a breeze so it was okay...

i'm really clumsy too... well, accident prone. i ran into the door frame in class. i'm bruised now. :(

BK class went relatively well too. had no problem reciting the beginning of luke 9 though i barely studied. BK exam on 27 march! covering ACTS 1-9 and LUKE 1-10!

victoria sukantara was cancelled due to the rain. the sukantara will be held on wednesday morning. HOORAY! this means no add math and math for me. it also means our points will be more because all victoria members will be present.

i'll be going for the wesley MYF's MARATHON MADNESS on the 7th and 8th of march. i can't wait. but is there anyone whom i know there? what if kar jie leave me for kar khan? aiks... don't know... we'll see.

announcement #1: the 7th march CF meeting is cancelled because of the elections.
announcement #2: the membership of those who do not pay up your subs and hand up your permission slips for badminton by next tuesday (4/03/08) will be terminated.


sigh... she said keep in touch just before she left. but tepuk sebelah tangan tak akan berbunyi". i'm the one who's clapping.

all in all, it was a relatively fine day. but it could've been better.


yeah... updates as i promised...

honestly, i can't really remember my group members. sorry people! but several people i can remember in 23 are :

farah (of course)
yian yian
shu qi
foong yee
siew lynn
kai qi
naz (i think)
yip pui mun

ok... i'm at my brain's limit. i can't remember.

anyway, we went on a hike around the oil palm estate. lenggong seems to be made up sand, sand and sand. i joined the form 3s by accident... i thought we had to follow groups and it just so happened that i was with jean-li and shu qi. we were given numbers so i didn't go to the back with the form 5s. it was fun though, hanging out with different people of different age group. there was kim... bising as always, jean-li, shu qi, pei qi, suhaili...

we came back and did the flying fox. there i could really see the difference between the junior librarians and prefects. what i discovered was their level of maturity. the junior prefects respected us senior by allowing us to "fly" first considering the fact that it is our last year. not only did they respect senior prefects, they also respected the librarians. so yeah... this makes me respect them a lot. THANK YOU, JUNIORS!

i was supposed to "fly" with jean-li, kim and komalah. but due to circumstances, i "flew" with jess, ee xin and glenna. gosh! it was exhilarating! i clung on to the harness for dear life. we went so fast across the perak river and landed in a splash on the bank of a small island in the middle of the river. it was wonderful.

bath time! we had to do open bathing. haha.. hilarious! we bathed with sarongs... XD

makan time and then night games by the form 4s. they did a relatively good job on the games. well done! however, i was so exhausted from the running around. i felt so bangga because i got to solve two cryptic clues in seconds. wakaka..

in the end 23 won the most SEMANGAT group. konon. LOL.

bed time came, but we were to hyped up to sleep. while 23 was partying with the hamper food, pandemonium broke out in the other dorm next door. kay lynn got stung by a bee!

anyway, we ate and ate and talked a lot. amrith, jean-li, glenna, ee xin, siew lynn, shu qi (well, she didn't talk) and lot's of other people. after a while, the group died down to amrith, jean-li, jo ooi and i at about 2 to 3 am. i was extremely hyper though i was on medication (dad told me later that the meds could have a reverse effect too). it died down to jean-li, amrith and i then to jean, kim, siew lynn and i and finally to jean and i when we finally flopped into disturbed slumber at 5:30 am on the floor when people were getting up. LOL.

woke up at 6 am...

did some aerobics. haha. i look like i was tai chi-ing. XD

obstacle course... boring. 130 people at 1 station a time? nuts.

but there was one which was fun. we climbed up a hill in the estate and we did ground abseiling down the hill. i was with jean, kim, yee san and lydia... FUN.

cleaned up... lunch... hanged out with lonely kay lynn who had a temperature as high as a kettle. seriously... "mother"-ered her... LOL. at least i got her to eat lunch and got her temperature to go down.

amrith and i went to chat by the river... but the bus came so we left...

some unpleasant encounter with some people about rubbish that left my blood boiling. #*@!

anyway... the bus trip was relatively quiet... jess and i chatted all the way... it was sorta nice after such a long time...

*i got to spend time with the juniors.
*i got to do the flying fox.
*i was able to see the different masks that certain friends wear.
*i could get together with amrith after ages.
*i got to stay up the whole night.
*i got to know people like kim, jean-li, yee san, siew lynn better.
*it was a wonderful experience.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

just to sum up mssd 2008, i lost to teh li yen VERY badly. sigh... it was expected though. mgs crashed out after meeting with a series of state players. what a lousy draw...
anyway, i'm just back from LTC aka leadership training camp!
date: 23 feb - 24 feb 2008
venue: nur lembah lenggong
woke up pretty late because i was on medication for the past week. rushed to school just to realise that the buses weren't even there. sat with jess and we form 5 prefects chatted about EVERYTHING under the sun - from glenna's andrea "newspaper front splash" to BN vs. DAP to clinton vs. obama. matured-nya... XD
the place was pretty neat, smack right in the center of a massive oil palm plantation with the perak river running through at about 300 m in width. not bad... only that the place was swarming with red ants.
we began the camp with treasure hunt... well there wasn't even any treasure. sweat.
btw, the people who usually run these kind of places are malay men. even kem intan suraya and last year's harvard country golf resort. i guess that somehow being in TOO close contact with nature has made some wires in their head go all rusty... loose bolts and nuts... what do they do?
#1 talk crap
#2 crack UBER lame jokes
#3 brag about their expensive equipment
#4 brag about their so-called "best" facillities
#5 call us to shut up
#6 compare us to other schools
#7 talk about superstitious beliefs in the forest
#8 crap about being not responsible about our loss of beloongings
#9 belittle the female race
#10 make crazy do and don'ts
yeah... so, this guy was no exception.
my group's name is 23 - hasil gabungan from group 11 and 12. farah aka dr. S.M.S aka mawi is the group leader
this is our cheer...
do you know your math
what's eleven, spell eleven?
do you know your math?
what's twelve, spell twelve?
what's 11+12?
23 *whisper*
i can't hear you...
23 *louder*
23, 23, 23!
GO, GO, 23!
dinner time... more updates later...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mssd kinta utara 2008

date: 12 february - 15 february 2008
venue: mbi sports complex

ok... mssd began yesterday so i haven't been in school for 2 days.

day 1

i followed my sis to acs. when i reached there, i was greeted by weird stares from students there and smiles and waves from ex-mgs students. waited, waited and waited with the acs team who were playing that day... lee kah seng, ng shi jie, siew hang and chin dibin. well, dibin certainly did not play that day. so, we waited for ms. mindy and then we left - kahseng, shijie and siewhang followed karjie and i in the kancil while dibin followed ms mindy.

in the car, i found out that the girls were not scheduled to play that day! oh gosh... i could be in school... physics, add math... oh no. so we just played badminton the whole day. went back to school for only 1 period then cf committee meeting and victoria marching practice. yup, that's it. so "eventful"...

day 2

once again i followed karjie to acs. only dibin was playing this morning. so only he followed in the car. kahseng and shijie would be playing later in the afternoon.

i had a match scheduled for today. because i've got no winnings in last year's mssd, i've got no by. so yeah... i was up against alfirzamunira from kampung pasir putih. so prob. warm up session. made several mistakes though - service and smashing.. into the net. won with 21-6, 21-7. if i'm not mistaken.

next up. sue chin sun, seri ipoh. i was quite afraid because #1 she got a by, #2 she's the only under-18 representative from her school and #3 i've never seen her before. ok.

"perlawanan nombor 432 di gelanggang 5 antara sue chin sun dari smk seri ipoh dan lim yi wen dari smk perempuan methodist. pengadil, en. XXX"

so i went to the court and she wasn't there yet. teh li yen, my would-be opponent if i won, was in court 4. she said she couldn't wait to play with me. talked about mano's tuition tonight. oh no... she's a state player... then this small-sized, timid looking girl came and yeah, that was chin sun. it was, honestly (and not bragging), a boring game.

serve, reply, smash. serve, reply, net. serve, reply, lob. gone. 21-2. li yen and i could even look and encourage each other to finish up our opponents quickly.

serve, reply, smash. serve, reply, net. serve, reply, lob. gone. 21-2. won. no sweat. left smiling ear to ear.

yup... so i'm playing with li yen tomorrow and it'll spell the end of my chance to ever get a second win in my third and last mssd and even my chance to get the half-colour sports award. sigh... li yen, go easy on me! i don't want to look like i did when i lost SO badly to khoo chee wan of seri intan last year in quarters. nooo... anyhow, i will play my VERY best tomorrow to just prove it to the people who will be there that i am not THAT bad. XD i'm sort of looking forward to that sweaty match.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


it's either this way or that way. no middle. so which way you take? this way or that way?

it's either this one or that one. no "don'twant". so which one you want? this one or that one?

it's either go here or go there. no anywhere. so where you wanna go? this place or that place?

it's either this fella or that fella. cannot 50-50. so which fella you want? this fella or that fella?

haiyoh... i also dunno.

[what a crap post. sorry.]
killer phrase:


Saturday, February 9, 2008

movie day

yo... i'm back from jusco.

i was kinda expecting it to be a 'tiang lampu' outing but it was okay... in fact i could call it fun.

we met them at the food court.

intros... several familiar faces because they're majority ACS BB boys whom i've seen before. "ah sum", eu wayne, weng hong, steven, kar khan... and some unknown-can't-remember guys. oh, there was chin hui and beh chee mein too. they were all eating but i'd already grabbed a sausage roll before that.

thankfully there were no tiang lampu moments because steven and weng hong made it a point to make me feel welcome. =) watched "meet the spartans". review? funny but disgusting and filled with sexual intonations. no wonder it's an 18 PL. how did i pass? everyone else are form 5s too except karjie and chee mein.

wandered around... shared a chinese honey candy with them. once again i managed to embarass myself. ooh.. before that, chee mein pointed out something to me. it was jess with one whole big gang of people. there were beh, sei mun, shen-ly, kim, jean-li, peiqi, hong, weng yee... err... like i said, one big group. i waved but they didn't see me. =( but yeah, i saw a lot of people... berlina, desmond choo, pay leng, farizana & gang... etc etc...

we walked together to INFINITY. heck, i didn't know why i went. met eugene there... in the end we went back. our group of 16 became 6. karkhan and ah sum left on motorbike. so yeah... ate at the kopitiam in jusco. met philip ding with a bryan there. we ate, ate, ate... chin hui left so it was just karjie, weng hong, wayne, steven and i. settled the bill and we parted. now i've got a new name from wayne... "ah so's ah mui". =.="

anyway, i had lots of fun although karjie thought i looked "out". but it was okay and i wouldn't mind doing it again.
i'm back!

i got to carry baby reuben because his mom was busy with meimei. i was playing with him and he was laughing but suddenly he seemed to squirm. i heard some funny noise... oh no... i think he shit-ted. crap... thankfully aini came to take him away. second time, just before going back, everyone carried him. he was quite okay then. when i carried him, he struggled like hell.

am i not the 'luckiest' person?



i ate like a PIG. non-stop makan... how am i gonna play for MSSD???


the lion dance troupes came on the 2nd day of new year. got to watch them perform from house to house from the balcony of ah ma's house. took a video but it was too far away so i stopped after a few seconds. malay kids on mortorbikes and bikes from the nearby kampung cam to watch it. talk about muhibbah.


food i ate almost everyday:

#1 lobak: minced pork wrap in a thin skin and deep fried. eaten with a concoction of tomato sauce, chilli sauce, plum sauce and sesame seeds.

#2 sah kot: shredded turnip and carrot with "he bi" (dried prawns) and dried squid.

#3 purut ikan: a traditional nyonya dish (well, i'm nyonya chinese) made of fish and lots of veggie. sourish and it's a taste you need to acquire.

#4 tau yu bak: direct translation is black sauce meat. ah ma cooks pork with sea cucumber and mushrooms.

#5 pork stomach soup: it tasted nice actually. but i didn't dare eat the stomach because i could see all the things we learn in biology.

#6 chai boey: it's actually 'chap choy' where you throw in leftovers of food, pieces of asam and a whole load of veg.

yup... so this is what i eat almost everytime i go back to penang. it's nice for the first 2 meals, then it just gets..... but thanks, ah ma for the food!


ooo, yum. i got to drink ah ma's yummy chinese new year 'tong sui'. we only get to drink it once a year on the first day of CNY. it's a concoction of sliced gingko nuts, longans and red dates. yumm...


i'm going out with my sis later to jusco... actually around now. will be watching 'meet the spartans'. lol. i wanna watch 'sweeney todd'... =/

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

greetings from the pearl of the orient

salam sejahtera, kalian!

saya yang melapor sedang melalui kebosanan yang tidak terhingga sini di permatang pauh, pulau pinang.

uuaahh... i'm so BORED.

yesterday we left ipoh at about noon. amazingly there was no jam on the NS highway. as soon as we reached there, i helped Ah Ma and Ji-kor (that mean, 2nd aunt in hokkien) in the kitchen. karjie took 2 pics of me frying shellots for my kerja kursus moral. take heed! i did work in the cramp kitchen for several hours with the 2 of them and my uncle peter's indonesian maid - aini.

the whole family was back together nd we now had an extra member! uncle peter's (i think we call him Sa Jek) approx. 1 month old son, REUBEN LIM. absolutely kawaii. i got to carry him too. doesn't make too much noise so he's good. if i'm not mistaken, he was born on the last day last year.

we had steamboat. yumm... amazingly i only ate 1 prawn as compared to the uncountable amount of prawns i ate during darren's farewell. we celebrated Sa-Kor's chinese birthday as usual... this time not with a spongecake but with a secret recipe CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE cake!!! waaaaa...

as usual during dinner aunty annie would call from australia without fail EVERY YEAR. then, after dinner one uncle whom dad calls "Ah Ba Kor" would come visit with his wife and son. we played with sparklers and firecrackers outside. haha... it was fun but real short.

i played with my 8 year old cousin samantha (well we call her 'meimei'). bathed. dad and sa-kor "shou sui"-ed and karjie and i went to watch the 2005 musical 'PERHAPS LOVE'. takeshi kaneshiro (as lin jian-dong), zhou xun (as sun na), jacky cheung (as nie wen) starred in it. jacky cheung sang quite a lot. i didn't really know he was that good. takeshi kaneshiro speaks chinese a million times better than i do! i didn't like the ending though...

today i woke up at 8 am. went for a morning jog around the housing area with dad and karjie in continuous effort for sports day and MSSD. huge cannon-like joss sticks were burning outside many houses which may be unusual in ipoh but it's a norm here. had a relatively nice breakfast of last night's remainders. bathed, read the january issue of reader's digest before collapsing into deep sleep on the couch. i was so exhausted from last night. i kept hearing movements around the house because reuben was crying last night. sigh... i woke up, had my lunch of Ah Ma's yummy 'lobak', 'tau yu bak', 'sa kot', perut ikan, gulai and i think pig intestine soup (?!?!)

yeah... so here i am now blogging... i'm bored to death. my 3 cousins are out visiting their maternal grandparents somewhere as usual. they always go there for a whole day during 'chor yat'. sadly, there are no lion dances to watch this time like last year. ok... so before my new year ends in penang, i will go and indulge in chinese new year cookies!

zhai jien!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008




chinese new year... some time to get away from people.
i'll be far away up in mainland prai, eating to my heart's content. i've got a new cousin - reuben - who's probably 1 month old or so. he's gonna travel all the way from KL to prai for CNY. darn cute. saw him when i went to KL for the edu fair.


anyway, i said that i would elablorate on darren's farewell... i believe i've never eaten as much as that... esp seafood. i think i ate almost 100 prawns. no kidding. i ate loads of ice-cream too. in fact i ate more than the guys. i ate from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm. (WOW) in the end, only shao wen, duncan and myself bertahan. LOL. i wasn't full, that's why. we ate and ate and ate. duncan gave us gelaran. shao wen is the general because he ate the most. duncan and i are the commanders and the rest are all fallen soldiers. HAHA.




sykes... i'm beginning to dislike 5S2 like mad. i just wanna stay at home and sleep. i DREAD going to school. i'm such a pessimist.


MSSD's coming... 12th... crap. please let me win, state players! you can win anytime, but i NEED to win this. i want my PANJI WARNA SEPARUH! hmm... looking forward to it. can see some people. =)


might go out with my sis and her friends on saturday. she invited me but i'm scared i'll be a tiang lampu cos they're all the form 5 BB boys i think. shucks... watching sweeney todd, i think...


CF CNY celebration on the 15th. i still have MSSD, how? if i lose ok. but if i don't? jess, please fill in for me and tell pn. tan a gazillion sorries.


may jet talked about RESPONSIBILITY on her blog. i guess i'm experiencing the same thing except with CF. GOD, please save MGS CF from damnation and destruction in my hands! please intervene!




60th RANT

this is my 60th post! wow... haha.

i just came back home from badminton... it's a holiday today for MGS only. sweated it out. phew... glenna dropped me at jusco and i walked to salam corner where i had my late (2nd) breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik alone. then i walked all the way back home. helped do house chores: warmed up the rice and soup for sean, swept the porch, watered the plants, cleaned the flower pots (haha...), swept the house. yeah... that's it.


on another matter... even as i blogged yesterday, i was pissed, real pissed. pissed at people who segregate the people around them, categorise the people around them. these people care for their own whims and fancies. if i am too direct for your liking, maybe you should stop reading right here, because i'm not going to apologise for being tactless.

can you still call yourself a christian if you go around having fun on your own while failing to see the needs of other people around you? those in need of company? would you sacrifice your own time and probably your own fun to see someone else smile because someone cares? are we really christian enough to do a simple thing like this? that someone can just be anyone - i'm not limiting them to just newcomers in church or someone you barely know. that someone might be someone close to your heart who is sitting alone at a table or someone you talk to every other day who is just loitering around becauses they have no one. are we sensitive enough to notice?

christ could've just cared less for us. he could've said, "i haven't met them because they're not born yet so i'm just dying for my disciples." but he didn't.

so what about us? would you say, "i'm having fun hanging out with this gang now. there are so many people around, let them mix with him/her. i'm spending time with this gang."? or perhaps you just DIDN'T see.

these people go to church without fail every sunday and go "hallelujah, hallelujah" either on the stage or down there. these people go to CF, GB whatever christian meeting and they go "we must evangelise. go forth and baptize everyone in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! GO!" but they fail to notice one person who is contemplating to drop out of church because it seems that no one cares when people in church are SUPPOSED to care.

hypocrites? i believe so.


i really used to look forward to going to MYF. but over the years, i guess this eagerness has just dwindled. yeah, i love GOD to bits but is church really the condusive place to grow spiritually? are the people around us encouraging us in our faith in GOD or are they just tearing down our initial unadulterated perception of "people in church make good friends"?

why do i involve myself so frequently in captain ball? because there is no need to loiter around without a purpose. in captain ball, you don't need to talk, you're in the game.

i used to enjoy going out with my church friends unlimited to CGs. but now, i really don't look forward. what has changed? have the people changed? have i changed? did i realise things are not so fairytale as i grow older and perhaps more mature in thought?

i have to agree with glenna who said something today that sometimes having such friends (are they eligible to be called friends???) makes you a stronger person. those who have never experienced it before just aren't the same as those who have. so yeah... these things are probably for the better in the long run. but GOD, help me to keep me from stranggling their necks.

Monday, February 4, 2008

fair-weather friends and a word of thanks

some friends are worth losing.

believe me.

i have seen many masks that people, even my friends, wear when facing different groups of people in different environments. sometimes, they switch masks so fast before you can even say "spongebob squarepants". and yeah, it is rather painful at times where it their masks seem to give this air of "heck, i-don't-know-you".

what i really am angry at it is one moment you are their best bud, place to hang on to, counsellor, listening ear, shoulder-to-cry-on etc etc but the next moment, they just butterfly away. FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS.


concerning this matter, a bro in Christ was ever so considerate and sensitive to the woes of others - shao wen. i believe we began to not be so close around last year but i really am happy that you actually took the time and effort to notice, ask and even give some advice. you really made my burden seem lighter by sharing its load. because you experienced it (or rather, are experiencing it), i guess i had more confidence in relating to you than to just anyone. you're one strong guy and i'm sure you'll come through this issue unscathed. although i was rather tired and quiet last night, i had fun hanging out with you and waiting for uncle burger as well. thanks for "belanja"ing me at timur baru too! too bad we couldn't eat the fried chicken. =D

THANKS, SHAO WEN! i appreciate it a lot.

on another matter, sigh... form 5. first of all i'd like to publicly apologise to my wonderful deskmate, KWOK PHUI YAN who tolerates daily with my "grr"ing and "gah"ing every morning when i have a huge workload, who helps me unconditionally with my add math, who supports me in stuff i do, who lends a listening ear, who actually runs around with me to look for the badminton team peeps, who takes down homework when i'm away, who cares, who keeps me focused in class, who laughs with me, who has made me a better student today.

THANKS, PHUI YAN! i really thank GOD that i have a deskmate like you.

on yet another matter, my juniors especially this year's form 3s are absolutely wonderful. they have brought tonnes of laughter into the dreary days of form 5. the form 3 CF committees just make CF work more enjoyable, especially with anna my vice-p. the form 3 members of CF also make our CF more happening! my mentee - shu qi - who is so "kacau"able at times and even nyit yi keep me company when i'm working late at night online. these people also give me lots of INSIDE information. haha... they're quite interesting to listen to.

THANKS, FORM 3s! GOD bless your sense of humour.

after writing this, i feel... well ...old. haha. but i feel somewhat better knowing that the people that surround me are wonderfully brilliant friends who outnumber fair-weather friends by a 100:1 ratio. GOD has indeed blessed these 4 years in MGS. i have never regretted transferring schools. GOD has sent so many wonderful people into my life - be it the old woman who helped me up when i fell outside the dobby or my close friends who support me in trials. so, lastly...

THANKS, GOD! you're the best.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

a tribute to the late mrs. ooi
my english teacher when i was in std. 5 has just passed away. her funeral was on thursday i believe. she was 51. apparently, (i heard from some of my friends) she had cancer. it was probably only 2+ years. she was the one who started my spirit of competition in english essay-writing. she wasn't exactly my favourite teacher for i was afraid of her but i respect her for the high standards of her english that she set for us then. she once compared me to my sister to my mother during report card day, saying that i wasn't as bright as her. my mother was downright angry and me very hurt. but it made me strive harder for the best in writing my essays. she made me take up a serious interest in reading, that i actually memorised a whole paragraph of a nancy drew story and used it in my exam. it depicted a scenes and sounds outside her bedroom window when she woke up in some tropical weather place. because of what she said, i guess i just started working a wee bit harder. so even as mrs ooi is gone, i would like to bid my last farewell and thanks to her -
thank you for sowing the seed of love for english in me!
my last installation day just whizzed past... i had lots of fun and i really enjoyed it. we took lots of wacky photos. haha. sigh... no more for me next time... =(
oh yeah! i did the 1500 m run that day... 8 mins 21 secs! wowee! i'm taking part in the 800m race for sports day. hopefully i'll WIN! haha. GO VICTORIA!
oh yessss... the MOCK TRIAL.
the case: the murder of neo and boseyong from the story looking for a rain god by bessie head.
i'lll elaborate on this later...
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