Thursday, January 17, 2008

with mano's bio tuition now, i'm starting to feel more confident in bio. whoa! we got to touch goat's and cows' hearts 'cause we studied the heart today. cool...

dad asked me, "so now that there's mano, bio can la? physiotherapy no problem la?"

i just joked, "cardiologist also can la now..."

and he REALLY took it seriously. he's happy 'cause i'm FINALLY thinking in his practical-thinking path.

dad doesn't really agree with me doing cullinary arts. he told the woman from blue mountain, australia during the edu fair that i can study so it'll be a waste in a non-academic field, investment of RM60,000 is huge, blablabla... things like that. okay, so there goes.

the international college of music ICOM is also VERY tempting. since i have no qualifications of grade 5 in my drums, i can take up certificate then do diploma, degree etc etc. when you sign up, the fees are inclusive of a laptop and a sound mixer to do your OWN recordings. WOW! the young indian guy said that you can also do an 18 months course. so dad said that we can only do it once we get a basic degree as a part-time thing.

listening to the career talks, i've cut out pharmacy from my list. pharmacists are just (quote karjie) "poor cousins of doctors". they study the same thing but the doctor is more prestigious. the required cgpa is 3.9 - 4.0. that's an almost perfect score in matric or stpm! so... OUT!

in the end, i think i'll do physiotherapy. HAHA. sounds odd, i know. dr. marc daniel, a physiotherapist said that people call them "tukang urut". HAHA. his session was by far the best. darn funny. i'll probably major in sports injuries 'cause i love sports. dr. daniel got to travel with the england rugby team as their physiotherapist. wow! his coursemate in uni is the physiotherapist for LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL. WOW. imagine if i got to travel with the national badminton squad (free LIVE matches!) or chelsea or a keirin team or a basketball team or a gymnastic i like it =) dad says it's a good idea, considering the fact that our country lacks physiotherapists... (apparently there are less than 20 physio centres in malaysia).

no overseas for me though, i think... probablu UKM or USM (they are sarting physio only in 2009. right on time!) ... if i'm really fortunate, TEESIDE UNIVERSITY, U.K.!


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