Friday, January 11, 2008

is it okay to be lame in the eyes of the world for GOD?

i guess today i had my share of being "lame" in the eyes of the world... well, maybe not the world but the whole school... yup, i did.

it started off with bravery level = 10:

"hey... morning! i'm gonna talk about the christian fellow-"

"aiyo! christian, christian, christian. you think very happening, meh?"

bravery decreasing. bravery level = 9:

"i'm here to tell you about... erm, the christian fellowship. we have lots of fffff-"

"cf... sure lame and boring wan la!"

bravery decreasing. bravery level = 8:

"there are all sorts of fun activities that we have like praise & worship, day camps, easter celebrations, water games and-"

"eh, darn laaaaame la this fella up there. oi, quai tien la! i wanna go back to class le..."

bravery level = 7:

"...a..and very interesting sermons."

*cricket singing*

bravery level = 6:

"we also conduct...umm...morning prayer at the upper hall from 7 am... 7 am to 7:20 am. we gather to pray for the school and one another, to do devotion and to share with one another."

"holy, holy, holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...."

bravery level = 5:

"so i'd like to encourage all of you to attend the weekly cf meetings at the trinity hall from 1.30 pm to 3.00pm."

"cut crapping la weh... not like anyone will come even for the registration. hahahahaaaaa..."

bravery level = 4:

"thank you." *phew!*

"thank you, thank you! hahaha... finally."

well that doesn't end there...

"done with the 'lame' promotion. i guess it went... umm... well??? will people actually turn up for our every meeting?"

"eh hallo! cf. so boring la! hehe..."

*smile* "ok... was that a joke or what? well if it was, it was a very insensitive joke."

bravery level = 3:

"let's go to the lab. faster la."

"okok... how was the thingy actually?"

"i couldn't wait for you to get done with it. so laaaaame la... like stupid-stupid up there."

ouch. bravery level = 1.

"sigh... no hope adi... i don't think anyone will actually come for the 'laaaaame' registration."

"eh, where were you?"

"sorry... caught up with the badminton registration.... huh? so many people..."

"yeah yeah... i dunno why."

"let's just hope that they will continue to attend the future meetings..."

so, do you think it is worth it being "laaaaaame" in the eyes of the world for GOD?

i think so... i'm looking forward to reaping the fruit.

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