Saturday, January 5, 2008

hols? over...
now, it's school school school... bleah...

it's just the 2nd day and i'm darn bored... we had 5 free periods today, which means 200 mins = 3 hrs 20 mins. phew... if i actually had something to do, i wouldn't be bored... =)

my classroom's super far from the canteen...

okay... 5S2 ain't as "happening" as it was... in fact i would dub it as ABSOLUTELY BORING!

sigh... phui yan's my new deskmate... she's ok. i guess she'll help me along by instilling the "study-all-the-time" attitude, which is definitely absent in me. but i'm beginning to go into full "school" mode... i've started studying or learning up f5 add math today... i'm happyyyyyyyyyy.... wheeee... i even packed my bag at 8 pm! record! and i did my BK homework right after i came back from school! record! wow... i guess this year's not gonna be that bad after all since i've got a good headstart.

good headstarts

better journey

best results!


but yeah, so far, i'm pretty happy.

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