Thursday, January 24, 2008

busy, busy, busy bumble bee.

i think it describes me quite appropriately. phuiyan always calls me busy lady when i enter class late. haha. thank GOD that i have not been demeritted yet.

i went out with the CG to MP in greentown to have steamboat to "celebrate" darren who'll be leaving to NZ on sunday. more updates about this eventful night!

i slept a mere 2 hours last night writing the commonwealth essay about the greed of money is the root of all evil. what can i say? it is undeniably very lame.

well practices for installation day started last week and i can honestly tell you that we performed poorly today at the rehearsal. the umbrella song just made us sound like a herd of cattle burping.

ella, ella, ella, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*,
under my umbrella
ella, ella, ella, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*.

no kidding.

badminton team training just started too. the selections were on last wednesday. out of the (probably) 50 people who came, only 7 were chosen. even so, i wouldn't guarantee on their game skills. no offence here. game skills and stroke skills are just not the same. anyhow, we got two good players in the league this year - yeoh yian may of 2 heron and kai qi. we might just have a chance to send some under-15 fellows to go for MSSPK. but there's still phui joan of amc... that girl's good.

i have not much confidence myself in getting a placing in MSSD itself, judging from my current performance. i don't even have time to workout in the evenings! argh... my adrenaline rush is insatiable!!! haha...

anyhow, i'm not going to cloud myself with this haze of chaos so... i'm gonna munch into my 'ta-pau'-ed Uncle Burger!

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