Thursday, January 24, 2008

busy, busy, busy bumble bee.

i think it describes me quite appropriately. phuiyan always calls me busy lady when i enter class late. haha. thank GOD that i have not been demeritted yet.

i went out with the CG to MP in greentown to have steamboat to "celebrate" darren who'll be leaving to NZ on sunday. more updates about this eventful night!

i slept a mere 2 hours last night writing the commonwealth essay about the greed of money is the root of all evil. what can i say? it is undeniably very lame.

well practices for installation day started last week and i can honestly tell you that we performed poorly today at the rehearsal. the umbrella song just made us sound like a herd of cattle burping.

ella, ella, ella, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*,
under my umbrella
ella, ella, ella, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*, *burp*.

no kidding.

badminton team training just started too. the selections were on last wednesday. out of the (probably) 50 people who came, only 7 were chosen. even so, i wouldn't guarantee on their game skills. no offence here. game skills and stroke skills are just not the same. anyhow, we got two good players in the league this year - yeoh yian may of 2 heron and kai qi. we might just have a chance to send some under-15 fellows to go for MSSPK. but there's still phui joan of amc... that girl's good.

i have not much confidence myself in getting a placing in MSSD itself, judging from my current performance. i don't even have time to workout in the evenings! argh... my adrenaline rush is insatiable!!! haha...

anyhow, i'm not going to cloud myself with this haze of chaos so... i'm gonna munch into my 'ta-pau'-ed Uncle Burger!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

with mano's bio tuition now, i'm starting to feel more confident in bio. whoa! we got to touch goat's and cows' hearts 'cause we studied the heart today. cool...

dad asked me, "so now that there's mano, bio can la? physiotherapy no problem la?"

i just joked, "cardiologist also can la now..."

and he REALLY took it seriously. he's happy 'cause i'm FINALLY thinking in his practical-thinking path.

dad doesn't really agree with me doing cullinary arts. he told the woman from blue mountain, australia during the edu fair that i can study so it'll be a waste in a non-academic field, investment of RM60,000 is huge, blablabla... things like that. okay, so there goes.

the international college of music ICOM is also VERY tempting. since i have no qualifications of grade 5 in my drums, i can take up certificate then do diploma, degree etc etc. when you sign up, the fees are inclusive of a laptop and a sound mixer to do your OWN recordings. WOW! the young indian guy said that you can also do an 18 months course. so dad said that we can only do it once we get a basic degree as a part-time thing.

listening to the career talks, i've cut out pharmacy from my list. pharmacists are just (quote karjie) "poor cousins of doctors". they study the same thing but the doctor is more prestigious. the required cgpa is 3.9 - 4.0. that's an almost perfect score in matric or stpm! so... OUT!

in the end, i think i'll do physiotherapy. HAHA. sounds odd, i know. dr. marc daniel, a physiotherapist said that people call them "tukang urut". HAHA. his session was by far the best. darn funny. i'll probably major in sports injuries 'cause i love sports. dr. daniel got to travel with the england rugby team as their physiotherapist. wow! his coursemate in uni is the physiotherapist for LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL. WOW. imagine if i got to travel with the national badminton squad (free LIVE matches!) or chelsea or a keirin team or a basketball team or a gymnastic i like it =) dad says it's a good idea, considering the fact that our country lacks physiotherapists... (apparently there are less than 20 physio centres in malaysia).

no overseas for me though, i think... probablu UKM or USM (they are sarting physio only in 2009. right on time!) ... if i'm really fortunate, TEESIDE UNIVERSITY, U.K.!


Friday, January 11, 2008

is it okay to be lame in the eyes of the world for GOD?

i guess today i had my share of being "lame" in the eyes of the world... well, maybe not the world but the whole school... yup, i did.

it started off with bravery level = 10:

"hey... morning! i'm gonna talk about the christian fellow-"

"aiyo! christian, christian, christian. you think very happening, meh?"

bravery decreasing. bravery level = 9:

"i'm here to tell you about... erm, the christian fellowship. we have lots of fffff-"

"cf... sure lame and boring wan la!"

bravery decreasing. bravery level = 8:

"there are all sorts of fun activities that we have like praise & worship, day camps, easter celebrations, water games and-"

"eh, darn laaaaame la this fella up there. oi, quai tien la! i wanna go back to class le..."

bravery level = 7:

"...a..and very interesting sermons."

*cricket singing*

bravery level = 6:

"we also conduct...umm...morning prayer at the upper hall from 7 am... 7 am to 7:20 am. we gather to pray for the school and one another, to do devotion and to share with one another."

"holy, holy, holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...."

bravery level = 5:

"so i'd like to encourage all of you to attend the weekly cf meetings at the trinity hall from 1.30 pm to 3.00pm."

"cut crapping la weh... not like anyone will come even for the registration. hahahahaaaaa..."

bravery level = 4:

"thank you." *phew!*

"thank you, thank you! hahaha... finally."

well that doesn't end there...

"done with the 'lame' promotion. i guess it went... umm... well??? will people actually turn up for our every meeting?"

"eh hallo! cf. so boring la! hehe..."

*smile* "ok... was that a joke or what? well if it was, it was a very insensitive joke."

bravery level = 3:

"let's go to the lab. faster la."

"okok... how was the thingy actually?"

"i couldn't wait for you to get done with it. so laaaaame la... like stupid-stupid up there."

ouch. bravery level = 1.

"sigh... no hope adi... i don't think anyone will actually come for the 'laaaaame' registration."

"eh, where were you?"

"sorry... caught up with the badminton registration.... huh? so many people..."

"yeah yeah... i dunno why."

"let's just hope that they will continue to attend the future meetings..."

so, do you think it is worth it being "laaaaaame" in the eyes of the world for GOD?

i think so... i'm looking forward to reaping the fruit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

whoever said that form 5 is fun was lying. barely 5 days into school and my desk is filled with a "collection" of homework. i've got a bm essay at hand... i've just did research. haha, cheating. and i have chemistry and several unsolved add math headaches. added pressure this year? SURIA project. aim? to make mgs girls more disciplined... and also to make me run to class twice everyday. if not? 2 demerits! sigh... i'm trying my best to stick to the book but it's so hard. i just can't wait for installation day... some time out from studying...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

hypocrites... i believe we are surrounded by them in one way or another. although we are enveloped in this community of hypocrites, i guess it's just much safer to stay away and guard oneself before one gets hurt. here's a simple story to accentuate my point. note: no references to real life =)

It was just a normal day for Ah Lui at school. She sat at the same table for recess when a class mate of hers, Sai Kee, approached her.

"Hey," said Sai Kee, "so lonely ah?"

Ah Lui smiled at him as he pulled a chair and sat at the table. "Haha," she laughed, "no, la..."

Although they barely talked in school, Sai Kee and Ah Lui got along very well. In fact, it seemed to other people around that they were the best of friends. They chatted about practically everything under the sun. Sai Kee was a cheerful boy and Ah Lui laughed a lot at his antics. She realised that, "Hey, we actually share many points of view."

Suddenly, Sai Kee got serious. "You know what?"

Ah Lui pulled her chair closer as her attention was arrested by his serious look. "Hmm?"

Sai Kee shrugged. "I don't know... but I feel that what some people in class... you know, those sitting behind?"
Ah Lui nodded.
"Yeah... they keep disturbing the teachers in class and I feel that it's inappropriate. Some more, they are from our church," he continued.
"Maybe some people are just Sunday Christians," agreed Ah Lui.
"I really don't know but I got very angry especially after that incident during Math when they teased Puan Zakiah. You can see from her face that she was mad."
"Yup... like very rude lor.." she said. "I almost wanted to scold them..... if they weren't so much bigger than me."
Sai Kee glanced at her very small physique and inwardly agreed that she was of no match for them. "I think we should talk to someone about that."
"Maybe Ah Beng. I mean, he's the monitor right? He should be able to handle them," suggested Ah Lui.
He nodded. "Ah, yeah yeah. Good choice. Eh, look! Ah Beng is here!"
True enough, Ah Beng in his clean white school shirt, strode over to their table.
"Ah Beng 'tai lou'!" greeted Sai Kee cheerfully.
Ah Beng slapped Sai Kee on the back and sat down. "Yes, brother, apa hal?"
"Okay, 'tai lou', Ah Lui and I were talking just now about some stuff la... and we don't feel too comfortable about it. I mean, our class got bad reputation for a naughty class but not our fault right? Not your fault, right?"
"Okok... I think I und what you mean there.... but what is it exactly?" asked the big-sized monitor.
"We feel that those guys behind the class there... Ah Fatt the gang, they're kinda bising behind. I don't like it. I think the whole class don't like also la..." said Sai Kee.
"Yup," Ah Lui agreed. "I can't get a single thing in Add Math. Some more we are doing differentiation this week. Darn hard la this chapter..."
"Okok... I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll talk to teacher, ask him to change their place. Ok?" asked Ah Beng.
"Okok...thanks, 'tai lou'!"
True enough, Ah Fatt's gang was split up and the class was quiet once more. Ah Fatt was quieter because Sai Kee was sitting next to him now. However, it didn't take quite long before things got noisy again.
One day, Pn. Zakiah was back in class for another Add Math lesson. She started blabbering on and on about differentiation. "Differentiate x in respect to........"
A spitball flew and hit her in the side of her face. The slime slowly made its way down the curve of her pock-marked cheek. She turned around, her face full of anger. Somehow, teachers have eyes behind their heads and Pn. Zakiah was of no exception. She glared at Ah Fatt and then at Sai Kee.
"Sai Kee! Tak sangka kamu ni join geng Ah Fatt tu!" she shouted.
The class gasped in shock. The loudest gasp came from no one else but Ah Lui. She didn't expect Sai Kee to take a 180 degree turn on his words. Deep down, she was fuming at him but she kept quiet. It was not safe to talk while Zakiah was going bonkers. Zakiah went on and on, scolding Sai Kee who just grinned from ear to ear. Ah Lui could do nothing but immerse herself in a pageful of differentiation sums...
ok... so you get my point? people like sai kee just go on hurting other people by going back on their words. and people like ah lui just go on getting hurt...
i guess that's the way things are at times...
hols? over...
now, it's school school school... bleah...

it's just the 2nd day and i'm darn bored... we had 5 free periods today, which means 200 mins = 3 hrs 20 mins. phew... if i actually had something to do, i wouldn't be bored... =)

my classroom's super far from the canteen...

okay... 5S2 ain't as "happening" as it was... in fact i would dub it as ABSOLUTELY BORING!

sigh... phui yan's my new deskmate... she's ok. i guess she'll help me along by instilling the "study-all-the-time" attitude, which is definitely absent in me. but i'm beginning to go into full "school" mode... i've started studying or learning up f5 add math today... i'm happyyyyyyyyyy.... wheeee... i even packed my bag at 8 pm! record! and i did my BK homework right after i came back from school! record! wow... i guess this year's not gonna be that bad after all since i've got a good headstart.

good headstarts

better journey

best results!


but yeah, so far, i'm pretty happy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



okay, for those (fortunate) 18 to 30 year-olds who are interested in the event in my previous entry, here's the link:

it'll be held on the 18th to 20th of january 2008 at the PWTC.. i think that's the Putra World Trade Centre. there are lots of other events like one-on-one futsal challenge and so forth so, it'll be cool i guess...

well, i don't have to elaborate further so just check the site out!
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