Wednesday, December 5, 2007

jesus vs. santa

christmas is approaching fast. have you done your shopping? have you set up your plastic christmas tree in your hall? have you hung up those messy christmas lights outside? so... christmas is all about what exactly? have our sights' been blurred by the "snow"? go to places like jusco and you'll hear familiar tunes like winter wonderland, rudolph the rednose reindeer and santa claus is coming to town. what does christmas have to do with snow, reindeers and fat ol' santa? heck... i celebrate christmas and yet there's no snow in malaysia. many christians themselves have driven off the road to the true meaning of christmas. we are so caught up with buying presents for others, hanging up little glass baubles, baking pies and singing carols that seem to uphold santa and elfs into public attention. okay, as a christian myself, i admit to being caught up in the shopping spirit.

about 2007 years ago... we all heard, learnt and know that jesus, the son of God, came down to earth and became the son of man so that all mankind will receive salvation because of the fall of man. then what does santa have to do with the birth of Christ?

ok.. according to my reading on this fat red man, this is his american origin:
the american version of santa received its inspiration and name from the dutch legend of sinter klaas, brought by settlers to new york in the 17th century. (note: it was only several hundred years ago). a poem written by clement clarke moore, entitled "a visit from st. nicholas" or rather more popularly known as "the night before christmas" described santa as well as his reindeers, including their names and how santa goes through the chimney. (why the chimney of all places? his red suit would turn black by the end of the day. absurdity). next, illustrator thomas nast depicted a rotund santa in harper's magazines christmas issues. while moore described santa as elf-sized, nast's version was human-sized. rudolph, the ninth reindeer, was invented in 1939 by an advertising writer for the montgomery ward company. santa is also closely related to st. nicholas of smyrna (izmir), which is now modern-day turkey, who helped the children and the poor. in protestant areas such as central and northern germany, st. nicholas was known as der weinaschtmann, whereas, in england, he was known as father christmas. he made his way into the US with dutch immigrants and was finally was referred to as santa claus. markus rautio revealed that santa lives on the finnish lapland's korvatunturi - "ear fell". the fell that resembles hare's ears are supposed to be santa's ear to hear whether kids are nice or naughty...

so... technically, santa is a folklore, unreal, unliving; just a mythical character derived from man's own imagination. unlike our living God, he lacks so much in many ways.

commentator: as you can see here, we are at the heavenly realm stadium. our two contenders are still warming up. on my left is... SANTA CLAUS in his red suit and black boots! whoo!!! and on my right-hand-side is JESUS CHRIST in his shining glory! nice tai-chi moves, santa. who do you think will win? whoa... santa's pretty confident and jesus is looking as calm and cool as always! and now... the ultimate...

are you ready? 3, 2, 1... *ding*!

round 1:
santa is imaginary. jesus is real.

round 2:
santa is just another guy. jesus is God's only son.
whoo! they're both going on really well! the match is heating up!

round 3:
santa lives in the finnish lapland. jesus lives in your heart.

round 4:
santa has elves that help him in his workshop. jesus has angels that help him both in heaven and
on earth.
santa's really breathless! hmm... must be those extra kilos... can he hold? he's back and bouncing into action! next...

round 5!:
santa needs reindeers. jesus just... goes.

round 6:
santa is only there during christmas. jesus is always there.
oof! that was a hard punch! santa is sent sprawling to the ground! ok... while he's down there... jesus is perfectly fine! santa seems to be of no match to him! santa getting up... oh there you have him... santa! whoo! i'm!

round 7:
santa listens to see if we are naughty or nice. jesus knows whether we are naughty or nice.
whoa! santa! you look bashed... you want a time-out? oh... no? no? no! he says his fine! we have one tough bull here!

round 8:
santa receives letters from kids to know what they want. jesus knows what we want and what is good for us.

round 9:
santa gives gifts to children. jesus gives salvation, love, hope and peace to everyone who believes in him.
i think we don't need a round 10 anymore! santa's out cold... and we have an obvious winner!


are your priorities for christmas set right?
is santa more important than jesus?
are you haggled by the fuss of shopping

are you concentrating on the true meaning of christmas?

if you aren't
set your sights on JESUS this christmas!

it isn't too late.

for all christmas shoppers, we give gifts because GOD gave us the gift of eternal life but that doesn't mean we have to be bogged down by it.

don't bother if you receive plain gifts for christmas, because we already have the best gift ever:


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