Saturday, December 29, 2007

i've decided on what i'd like to study after form 5. FINALLY.


odd huh?
maybe it's just a sudden thing. like...

when how i wanted to become a mycologist but backed out because i was afraid i would get infected by some weird fungi.

or when i wanted to go to BJSS and become a national badminton player but backed out because i am not good enough.

or when i wanted to become a toxicologist but suck at my bio.

or when how i wanted to become an architect because i love art and study science but decided not to because it's office work.

or when i wanted to become a politician but realised i was far from being eloquent.

all those seemingly impossible ambitions. haha.

but i guess i'd like culinary arts. i like experimenting with food but i don't cook all that often. besides, i like watching the asian food channel (yum...) and jamie oliver's and sugar (the desserts there are superbly yummy looking). yeah, i'm gonna try a hand at cooking dinner for a party maybe on new year. i'm not sure how i'll fare. hopefully no food poisoning! maybe i'll do take up culinary arts in the local unis then go switzerland or something to further it. sounds cool?

i really am game for this.

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