Monday, December 17, 2007

007 - Day 4

Day 4

crossing my jordan

that hit me rock hard.

my jordans?
i have tonnes of them.

altar call:
i went for the 2nd group for those who want strength from God to cross their jordans. generally, i prayed for the CF. since the news that the school CF is now under my tutelage, i've been crying out to God for strength, strength and more strength. the reason? i'm actually afraid on taking up this heavy duty. well, cf is not just any society, fellowship or whatever to be taken lightly. things happen. you deal with God, you deal with spiritual realms. so yup...simple logic: you do things for God, the devil ain't happy. he comes and attacks you to deter you from bringing more people back to Christ. deep... but plain simple too. so i'm pretty worried on how i'd fare next year. i mean the previous presidents before me are prayerful people... i daren't say i'm all that "holy, holy, holyyyyy". it's gonna be


the missing tie still hadn't turned up. so yeah... i gave up hope on ever finding it again. i actually realised i would miss the beach and the sound of waves crashing down on the beach...

sand, sea, sun.

opening concert? cool. picked up lots of pointers from qivin's playing. i think my playing calls for some ... variation!

packed up.

ooo yeah... confrontation happened. serene was scarieeee. but heck it worked right jess???

helped load the drumset into the bus without much hassle. i sat in the bus with karjie but switch, kerry (again), switch, emily, switch, di-yan... then...


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