Monday, December 17, 2007

007 - Day 3

by day 3, i can honestly say that i was tired till my brains were fried.
i LOVED the beach a lot. mainly, that's why i LOVE penang so much more than my hometown itself.
we had a round of station games through the session which was actually better than sitting down 'cos i was so darned sleepy. but well, yeah... it was sort of spoilt by some ... one. ok... nvm i shall not dwell on unpleasant events. but well, at "what's christian?" station, i got my chance to actually speak. WOW. generally, although i'm one of the OLD members at MYF, i barely spoke much during group activities. heck, i don't wanna dwell on it once again. but yeah, i had my opinions on the task at hand, and "bunny" here kept interupting what i was about to say.
"this one's here 'cos we had this lesson that said, 'everythin is permissi-"
ok... so my thanks be unto darren for actually shutting this recording player and turning the focus to me to explain my angle of understanding.
so *breathe in* here goes *breathe out*.
we are all PERSON(s) but some of us are CHRISTIAN. our PERSON side accepts all things but it is our CHRISTIAN side which denies these unhealthy things.
so (object lesson here...) the CHRISTIAN is in the PERSON. (hands moving the papers to demonstrate my point, as always..visualise....)
pindrop silence.
so,my point is that the CHRISTIAN paper goes behind the PERSON cos it acts like a "penapis". err... you get it? PERSON. PERSON with CHRISTIANITY. CHRISTIAN side deny bad stuff. yup.
ok yeah..
i felt bangga, man, cos yeah, dominating bunny was out, out and away!!! ok... this is mean but i was honestly beaming inside cos yeah, this thing used kind of a lot of thinking. esp my group couldn't come to terms with other opinions but everyone said "aye" to this. so it was great. besides, it was one of the 2 winning entries which made me go SWELLLLL....
afternoon games were fun too. i was erm handicapped in the game cos my wrists were tied together. i think i ran like some chicken trying to fly. chickens can't fly.... so yeah... it was that bad. darren was REALLY a very encouraging group leader. honestly, he's the BEST ever. i look up to him thoroughly for being able to gel the group together although all of us are SO different. till now, i can really mix with pooi chee and mun yee although they are quite chinese-y.
our group cheer presentation wasn't as good as our practices but it was still as good. (how contradicting)
after that... clean-up time..
hugo, deb and i were at one water hose trying to hose ourselves clean. we were like doing carwash minus the soap... eugene (at another water hose with sean) challenged hugo to do like some hottest poses using the hose. hugo did some muscle man thing which was incredibly hilarious. eugene did too but of course hugo rocked! then, eugene did skipping with the rubber hose. our hose was very much longer so hugo decided to do a 3-person skipping while turning the rope.
attempt 1: FAILED
attempt 2: successfull!
all 3 of us managed to jump across the hose without getting our heads lopped off. haha...
challenge winner?
HUGO & co.
night games? brain exhaustion.
having duncan in the group was fun. stephen was the mole. haha. no one suspected.
chatted with my karjie, joanna, jess, chrys, (sleeping) debbie and serene till it was past 3 am in karjie's room.

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