Saturday, December 15, 2007

007 - Day 2

Day 2

Moving Forward is Moving Backwards
oh ... embrace your past!
didn't get the session.

devotion time...? great =)

games? an 8 out of 10. great job people!

i spent free time fretting over the night mission. things didn't seem very clear about our games. not enough time to hide the stuff... went around hunting for the camp helpers and so i ended up with a meagre dinner of 1 hard-boiled egg, plain rice and some turnip. =( no tau-yu bak for me!

so yeah... i was to give briefing for the games in the parking area. it was supposed to be like a mission story, as in...

we have received a transmission. 8 boxes containing valuable treasure have been reported missing. the task of finding these boxes have been handed down to you. however... you are all, unfortunately, NOOB agents with no equipments to call your own. in order to find them, you need 7 equipments which are marked with your groups' colour. if you find an item with a different colour marker, you are forbidden to sabotage the other agents. there is a catch though. becauses the treasure is so valuable, there are many guards guarding them. they carry "laser guns" so, if their beam catches you, you must obey them in order to continue your quest. after you have found the 7 items, you are to find (master) hugo chong who will give you your "training" and will give you your ticket to your next mission.

hugo will just actually make them dress up as james bond with the 7 items which are:
-styrofoam plate hat
-water gun
-"ninja" sword
-magnifying glass

then, GROUP PIC.

the group goes down to the beach to meet informant shao wen who gives them an ang pow with a puzzle inside which is actually a cut up pic of their group leader with a riddle behind.

however... the group was so rowdy and noisy that i couldn't give a proper briefing. for a moment, i think that this "prefect" side of me came up...


sounds familiar, mgs-ians???

the hailer didn't seem to be on my side either. =( so yeah, bad start...

i became a guard.. it was darned funny watching everyone crouch when my beam shone nearby. it was like remote control. jason ling was going around with his "mr. punisher" thing. haha... there were lots of problems in this game... it was tough. people were tired... felt like giving up because the stuff was so hard to find... made me feel "sigh" too.

anyway... sabotages happened, accidental or purely on purpose, we don't know. but one of my ties are missing. fortunately it was my sis's old blue prefects' tie... so it was ok. if it was mine, or her acs monitor tie or my bro's "silk" smi tie, i'll fry myself crisp. seriously... i was pretty upset over this but shao wen, darren, aren, elaine (low) and other peeps made things much better...


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