Thursday, November 15, 2007

update on the night shift II

i finished the est essays last night and handed it up today.
i finished the add math thing this morning and handed it up today.

my sis fell in school and landed in the most spectacular way. if she were a guy, it would have hurt. her skirt tore at the joining part... what do u call that in kh? kelim? haha. i laughed till my sides hurt when she told me.

kay lynn and i are rushing against time to complete the latecomers' list for form 5s. we still have form 3s to do and we only have a few days left! there's something wrong with the form 2 and form 4 list and i thoroughly pity jean-li and wai yee because they have just learnt the syst today and have to work full swing. SORRY!

currently listening to: miyavi KAVKI BOIZ ver. - selfish love-aishitekure, aishiterukara
currently feeling: rushed!

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