Sunday, November 11, 2007

timeline: 21 hours

patience of 19 hours has begun to wear.
i'm eagerly waiting for just one message that may bring a tinge of hope and maybe a wave of remorse.

approx. 1525 hours 10/11/2007
i saw something that made me happy.

approx. 1610 hours 10/11/2007
i saw something that made me smile in amusement and heard something vaguely that probably would be good. really good.

approx. 1710 hours 10/11/2007
i saw something that spelled bad news and suspicion arose.

approx. 1730 hours 10/11/2007
i found out something that disgusted me.

approx. 1755 hours 10/11/2007
i was agitated and hoping that it wouldn't be as i suspected.

approx. 1830 hours 10/11/2007
i was still thinking of it. anxious.

approx. 2230 hours 10/11/2007
i rush to see a reply. negative.

approx. 2245 hours 10/11/2007
i am thinking of the worst-case scenario.

approx. 2300 hours 10/11/2007
i pray hard.

approx. 2310 hours 10/11/2007 - 0845 hours 11/11/2007
i am restless in my sleep. constant dreaming. well... it's been like that for the past few nights.

please don't be ...

1215 hours 11/11/2007
news! both bad and good. it's not what i suspected. that's good. but i have to run a race now. i'll make sure i'll win it.


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