Friday, November 2, 2007

short break

ok. i'm taking a short break here from doing grad nite prep. tiring...

grad nite's tomorrow and i can't help feeling SUPER excited. prep's going quite well. just ordered 84 helium balloons and i'm wondering how to transport them there.

the dance... i'm getting better at it, THANKFULLY. :) haha... jess had to teach me that day. i had to do the t-shirt design and hand it up the very same day, so, i couldn't go for the practice. tuition class :P.

ahhh... i'm so excited. :D but i'm pretty tired. stayed back in school till 4 pm. beh and kim stayed back too and they saw me on the way out. beh had to go home, so, kim teman-ed me. laughed like mad... :D

went to jusco to get a tank top for the dance. haha... i look weird.

anyway, mel will be leaving in 2 weeks time and i'm so, so sad. :( and another person is leaving for either NZ or aussie. both of them are so close to me and yet, once again, i'm losing two people i love so much. i'll miss them so much and especially all the laughter, fun, and even tears that we shared for the past few years. i prayed and prayed so that mel won't leave, but apparently, God has some other plans for her. to me, she's like a:
- four leaf clover: hard to find
- hot chocolate: warm & comforting
- a ride in the amusement park: fun & exciting
- a great movie: hard to forget


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