Wednesday, November 7, 2007

if i could rewind time...

i would go back to last friday... GRAD NITE!

i really enjoyed the whole friday a LOT. it was hectic though but still thoroughly enjoyable.

let me try to remember how the day went...

ah yea... school ended with a failed acid-base titration chemistry experiment. the crazy phenolphthalein wouldn't turn colourless. okay... so i got really frust.

my sis took a mighty long time to pick ee xin, yee san, yip and i up from school... some B.B. band practice for the joint christmas celebration with G.B. so anyway, made it safely to heritage hotel and immediately got to work. yip and i strained necks hanging up the super long cloths for the stage backdrop.

anyway... things went well. we practised the dance and i realised that i'm getting better. at least i'm not a stumbling block... of wood. the singing was horrid. i couldn't get my solo part right... bleah. so ... i rushed and bathed in the hotel room. haha... because of grad nite.. i got my first spaghetti straps top. LOL. so "ku lou". i got it for a super great price from ti-zed factory. 2 for RM15. it comes in pairs.. i got a black and a blue.

oh... the CREW T-SHIRT! i'm drastically in LOVE with it.

like it? i'm so bangga... hmm... =)
<-- this is my anak.

the balloons came and we tied them to some of the chairs. they looked so professional!!!

had dinner at the singgah@H. the food was good but i couldn't really enjoy. gastric attack again.

anyway... the night was about to begin when i realised i lost something important that was important to someone important. glenna, mel and jess would know what i'm talking about so i need not elaborate here. btw, i found it in the mess of room 608.

the night began and holy cow, the decor was... pooh. one of the lanterns caught fire a bit and the floating candles self-extinguish. how destructive is that.

the dance went well. only that i forgot one part and almost went and did the final pose. LOL. was i that impatient to get of the stage???

the singing was horrible. in my stage fright, i squeaked badly during the solo. tengku hasnah commented today in school that watching the singing was fun because i sang off-tune. ouch... *clutches chest*

at the entrance, the f4s were llike paparazzis. snap, snap, snap pics of the f5s. first time i've seen so many camera flashes at once (esp. when beh came. so many flashes that it was like as though some goddess of the silver screen came to the oscars). gosh.

the thing went smooth-sailing. grad queen was super funny. shen-ly won, henna came second and i think a zuleika got third. zuleika or mashitah??? can't remember.

cleared up the stuff... packed my things and left... one week's effort for one night only.

so... there were a lot of first times for me doing this grad nite:

- going inside beauty balloons and ordering 84 balloons

- decorating a hotel ballroom

- climbing up a ladder higher that the 5th step and standing there without holding on to the ladder

- working with floating candles

- working with helium balloons

- getting spaghetti straps

- dancing modern dance in public

- singing in public

- slept past 3 after 2 years of fear (ask me if you want to find out)

- seeing so many camera flashes in a second

i think that's about it. night. gotta finish that chemistry report..


  1. lol ur post captures evrything! well dat book was indeed important lol.. dat singing, dun remind me bout it, haha! well great job on d deco, u n pui mun.. btw hv u seen d video.. i'm so happy dat both of us are synchronised for our solo!! veli nice!! i think the whole team did great.. i duno wat u think but i think we did great!! hehe to d simple me, synchronised = GREAT!! aledy.. thanx for being my 'partner in crime'.. we look lk gangster mah.. kekekeke.. too bad it ended, kinda missed it!! oops this reply's getting long...

  2. oh yea forgot bout our COOL CREW t-shirt pulak.. lemme tell u : IZ my moZ STYLISH black t-shirt. simple but nice.. thx for producing such brilliant MASTERPIECE aka ANAK.. for d nite.. apppppreciate IT!!=)


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