Saturday, November 10, 2007

to those who celebrate Deepavali.


alright... i'm back again. i'm thirsty for a good book... reading a good one is something i haven't done in a long time. anyone got any suggestions? affordable (well... the correct word would be "cheap") and interesting.

the one book which i've gotten totally involved in is twilight by stephenie meyer. that book was not only interesting but it was involving too. and.... edward cullen!!! he's the hottest guy i've ever read of in my reading history. honestly. okay... if you really want to know about the story and blablabla just read it. light romance and lots of mystery. nice :)
i'm really looking forward to reading its two sequels - new moon and eclipse. they're out already but gossshhh... the price is a killer. i sorta read 1/4 of 'new moon' in popular today. it's bad, robbing people of business, but i can't afford any new releases of books. their prices are enough to feed me for 8 meals ++. and the government says malaysian don't read enough. well, if books were of more affordable prices, i'm sure more malaysians would read!
i went to play badminton yesterday. with my dad, sean and mel. it was a last-minute thing. we were chatting online real late at night and that idea just popped into my head. i sms-ed glenna early in the morning but no reply. so it was just mel and mel alone. we had a good time... well... i had a good time. i don't know whether mel did or not. after she left, i stayed to stroke with sean. then we asked two boys; one form 1, one form 2, whether we could play a doubles match with them.. they're good and we lost. i played 2 more singles matches with each of them and i lost all four matches. the form 1 boy was better and i lost 21-<10>. the other was ok...close match... dad's thinking of changing my training centre. i'm not too sure...hmm...

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