Sunday, November 11, 2007

excess baggage

am i qualified to judge the living
the people that surround me
that walk about in this room of my life
that exhibits the right and wrong choices of mine?

am i to say that one is wrong
or to decide if one is right?

am i perfectly capable of throwing off
all the excess baggage on my shoulder
without damaging someone
but benefitting my spirit instead?

are you permitted to judgement
of me and the people around you
or that you should leave that up
to the One who hovers above and among us?

are you aware that decisions you make
can build up spirits and break down souls
while you bask in temporary rejoice
while others hide and lick permanent wounds?

are you looking carefully around you
to the pain you have caused
to the friendly spirit you have crushed
all because of an unexplained cold shoulder?

am i being far too harsh
or am i conveying reality
that decisions that you make upon others
have the power to give birth or destroy?

currently listening to: miyavi - jibun kakumei
currently feeling: impatient

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