Wednesday, November 14, 2007

update on the night shift I

i've just finished 6 EST essays in 4 hours 30 minutes straight. only getting up once to answer the phone. wow... persistence pays off! so, conclusion is that i can discipline myself if i really wanted to. gives me more hope about next year. =)

add math project.. sigh.
i thought i could've passed it up today. asked tsl a few questions. BOOM! kena from her.

"AIYOO... why your graph like that? cannot.." and then "blablablablablablablablablabla" and "your data wrong!"

"no, teacher, i checked already"

"how can like that?" and "where you get your data?"

"collect lah"

"nooo... you check your frequency table again"

"ok" and "teacher, how do i count the standard deviation. this one i got 8.529 but this one i got 160... using the formula."

"ah?! how can? where is the computer one?"

"huh? i don't know how to do so i used formula."

"i told u already.. use computer better. now you have to count with calculator and then wrong." and "AIYA! pass up lah!"

she grabs my project and slaps in hard on the desk. like it was my fault that my data was all crazy. whatever. i shall not dwell on thoughts of her.

BM was fun. cik tengku asked me to organise a treasure hunt for the class with glenna's help. shocking. i don't think i'm her fave student. i don't pay att. in class.

there were 2 groups - puputhangarajoo and mo no ko ro boo.

they had to find 5 pieces of hidden coloured paper near the pavillion. once found you start solving the questions.

1. find 3 words in a word maze and use them to write peribahasa. the words were minum, api and bulan.

2. find objects from 3 sentences from 3 malay literature components. (flower, shoes, clothes, book, money)

3. belajar di 4S2 10A1 sudah pasti,
sebab semua guru hebat dan 'chun';
guru bm, matematik dan est,
terangkan personality guna pantun.

this was hilarious. puputhangarajoo's answers:

Tinggi langsing, anggun bergaya,
Memakai kasut tumit tinggi,
Beliau mengajar sedaya upaya,
Kita menjadi insan berakhlak tinggi.

Bercermin mata, berambut kerinting,
Berstoking panjang sampai ke lutut,
Tetap mengajar walaupun kami bising,
Itulah Cik Cheah yang lemah lembut.

"Ah buat" kata Puan Normaria,
Dengan gigih kami tekan kalkulator,
Dengan beliau kami bersuka ria,
Cermin matanya macam Harry Potter.

mo no ko ro boo's wasn't as funny and the jeda's a bit off so, pupu won this round.

4. this one they had to complete sentences taken from "serunai malam" and "budi yang tak terbeli"

5. they had to create and act out 1 scene with these characters Umar, Bibi Zainab and Safiah. i didn't really get to hear pupu's cos they were real soft and mo no's was gila (chinhui, of course la). something about umar is married to bibi. while he's gone, she has an affair with some guy. he comes back and sees them together. the guy's girl is safiah and she sees them as well. safiah says she's pregnant or something. i can't really make out the story...

in the end, the winner is PUPUTHANGARAJOO.

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