Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4 days and unawaiting

school's about to end and for the 1st time in my schooling history, i'm not anticipating it. at all. the presence of school holidays spell 1 1/2 months of probably loneliness... away from the hustle and bustle of friends.

what do i have lined up for me this hols? let me see...
- badminton centralised training! but it may be postponed because many of the players are participating in some yang yang tourney (i think). i wanted to go for the tourney but i have to play in the women's open so... i thought, forget it.
- youth camp in penang
- langkawi trip. dad's got a course in langkawi for the third time in a duration of 3 months. cool. chocolates, chocolates, chocolates. sun, sea and breeze... my favourite combo. i'm finally going there after 6 years!
- christmas! oh, but there's the headache of present-shopping
- other trips? not too sure...

there's so much to look forward to, but there's so much that's left behind... sweet, lingering memories that (hoppefully) will not be erased from my (failing) memory. people moving on in life or just entering a new phase or just ... leaving...

this year has been my toughest year in MGS so far... beating major-exam year 2006. nerves all hard and edgy, wound salt-rubbing, excess baggage, temporary sunshines, major "hangovers", tiresome transition.... typical.

oh yeah... results are out. i'm remaining in science 2. just a few more steps away from science 1 only. sigh... i really wish i did better, especially in add math and history. i suck at these two subjects (<-- understatement). some are promoted like glenna, ming ru, florence, kar kheng, mei kuan and some are demoted. new members to the class from up north and down under. not anticipating next year.

i'm currently reading new moon which i was eagerly awaiting. however, it was not as good as i expected. in fact, half of the book was disappointingly terribly boring. edward and bella get more melodramatic by the pages and sooner why was it only bella, jacob, bella, jacob, bella, jacob? jake's an oddball (to me) sophomore. bella's just playing dumb and flirting to her own benefit with jake, not listening to that "velvet" voice in her head and getting herself hurt (as usual). there's not much climax and it just like a series recurring events and mishaps. but the uno numero question is:


He only appears for a mere 1/3 of the book. where are the cullens? the only thing that seems to occur is jacob's pursuit for bella who views him as merely her best friend and bella's own "series of unfortunate events" (<--another understatement). it's getting boring and i will not hesitate to scan through the book briefly although the lang is flowery till more exciting parts come.

so, conclusion ... new moon = DISAPPOINTMENT.
hopefully eclipse would be better.

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