Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i've started listening to a new genre of music which surprises many... but well, i'm me, right? so, from christian music, i've started listening to j-rock. MIYAVI. here's a random thought. read on:

#1 i can't speak japanese.
most of them speak hangol too but i can't either. and most of their english... ain't too good. they'd probably know the F-word, d***, sh** better than other words. LOL

#2 body art
i don't think i really appreciate body art. take miyavi, he's got so many tattoos esp. on his back. if i dated him and had a nasty break-up, he'd probably get a new tattoo that says "I HATE YIWEN" in chinese. and besides, he might contract some odd disease and spread it on to me (don't ask me how).

#3 self-inflicted pain
piercings. check the pic out. he's probably got more then 3 on both ears, 1 on his lip, on his brow, his nose... ah... i think if i were to kiss my j-rocker boyfriend, my lips would get hooked onto his piercing, like fishing, you know... ouch.

#4 hair
they've got ugly hair at times like miyavi in NEO VISUALIZM - half shaved, half long. i think it's called the "Kobo-chan cut" (it's said on miyavi's MASAKARASU's site) eeyuck... or the purple and red when he disturbed some person call Kai on youtube. or that silver bomb-to-the-side hair in an interview, or that or this... i think his normal hairstyle like the pic above is cool enough
#5 behaviour
their nuts. but that's what that's expected from rockers, right? my dad would get a cardiac arrest. sometimes, they act like they're gay or something... i dunno
#6 safety reasons
according to someone, miyavi's ex almost got stabbed to death by fans. I'M NOT WILLING TO DIE.
#7 time & availability
he'd probably be touring round the world promoting his latest album... japan, korea, china, germany, california, LV *inhale* ... i won't be able to see him because i'd most likely have a stable, NORMAL job like architecture or toxicology or something, UNLESS, i follow him and be a sound engineer or a band member... back-up singer... dancer....LOL i can't sing and dance.
#8 they are a bit weird
gackt claims to be 400 years old.
gackt believes he can communicate with the deceased aftter nearly drowning as a kid.
gackt like the smell of some coconut incense and he even eats it! uhh.... holy cow.
#9 dressing sense and fashionability
he'd probably won't be allowed to enter malaysia because of pakaian "mencolok mata" dan luar biasa. they wear odd stuff cos most of them are visual-kei.
#10 time, place and precise accuracy
i'll never get to meet any of them cos j-rockers are generally not allowed to come to conservative m'sia. (sometimes for a good reason eg. kyo, i think, from dir en grey, i think, does self-inflicted injuries on himself while on stage... cutting himself..) so...unless i actually meet them then things can happen otherwise nothing can happen right?
ok... so ALL IN ALL, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO MARRY/DATE ANY J-ROCKER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH (no western rockers for me) BECAUSE I'M SO PARTICULAR =D (i'd probably go "oi! take off your earring." or "aik... ANOTHER new tattoo ah?" or "shave half might as well shave bald") LOL.
random entry. =P

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