Sunday, October 28, 2007

H.M. anniversary & Grad Nite prep

yesterday, went to history makers' 6th anniversary.
anna and the others were so fun. haha...

grad night is on friday!
i haven't even started one bit yet. thanks to the super LATE decisions of the theme.

sounds kinda cheesy...
wish we could have just stuck to ""
so much cooler.

on a limited budget, there's nothing much i can do... less than 50 bucks. might have to fish out some from my own pocket. :( some cool ideas...

cds hanging from the air??? backed with red, black and white?
crepe paper for a big bow on the green chairs?
small 8 inch lamps with lantern candles in the middle??
coloured water in slim glasses?
waaa.... i don't know....

any ideas anyone?

currently listening to: miyavi - selfish love
currently feeling: lost, tired

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