Thursday, October 4, 2007

i was bored. so...


i read this book, my sis'. it's a japanese novel translated into english by bonnie elliott. it's written by nakano hitori (meaning 'one of us') who is actually an anonymous fellow messager who collected Train Man's adventures and combined it into one thread. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, read on.

train man is actually about well ... basically Train Man. it's generally a whole huge internet chat thing. it's lifted directly from japan's 2-channel chat forum, the world's largest message board and the most popular web in japan.

so, train man is a geeky young fellow. he describes himself as a "basic Akihabara roaming techie..." and "Age=how long I've been without a girlfriend". he saves a girl from a pervert drunk on a train and then posts the story on the channel. the other geeks on the channel join in the enthusiasm and cheer him on to get together with Hermes (the girl got her name "Lady Miss Hermes" from the hermes teacups she sent him as a gift). they give him all sorts of tips on how to dress, talk, where to go, what to do, etc.

the book gets boring after awhile because it never shows anything outside the channel. details about their dates are all told by train himself. the geeks are actually the best characters in the book. hermes seems a tad too flirtatious and train just has not much guts, taking him eternity to woo hermes. but one credit to the book though, is for the super cute emoticons. eg.:

the true identity of train man, hermes and all the people on 2-channel have been kept secret until now. train man's sort of a phenomenon in japan, probably modern day "how-to-get-a-girl" legend. that's quite cool. there's a hit movie, a tv series, stage play, 5 manga realisations, a guidebook (gosh...) and 3 companion books.

the book's a bit on the expensive side. but if you want a light read for laughs, i recommend it.


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