Saturday, October 20, 2007

random talk


that was what i would describe last night's service. did better than i'd expected. :D well... that was after listening to 'save australia' (planetshakers) and 'hosanna' (united) almost 10 times each... kinda sick of 'save aussie' already... :/

haha... yeah, miyavi looks quite "girl" at times. LOL.

my mom's on a streak of making western food for us.

pork chops in mushroom sauce.

chicken & potato bake


ham & bacon breakfast...

phew! it's good also... something different.

i think she's baking now again... i can hear her cake mixer. haha...

oh yeah... speaking of weirdness...last nnight i had a weird dream. LOL (i always have weird dreams anyway)

my mom has this vendetta against ants. this vendetta has been passed down to me. I HATE ANTS! especially the black sugar ants. yuck.

so i dreamt that my room was infested by 4 ants.. somewhere near my revision books. my sis and i tried killing them but the grew bigger and bigger until they were the length of a banana! scariee...

the other half of my dream was also weird but good. i was on for the service band again. darren came up and said "we're gonna play 'solution'". solution is a really tough song by united. i panicked (naturally ... blek)

then, he said some people are coming to watch us.
increased panic

turns out the people are some christian music fellas from US, i think.
they wanna find potentially good musicians and train them up
so they're gonna watch us... scrutinise.... >.< ~this girl... hmmm...~
gotta play well!

the greatest part of it all was..
if they think that you are good...
you get a fully paid something like scholarship to the US with allowance
to learn music!!!

wakaka... i wish i got it... but i had to get up. nature calls you know?

but then again.. it was only a dream..

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