Saturday, October 20, 2007

paper bag and a crazy guitarist

now, i'm already playing in the saturday night service band, finally. but, i'm not put in the official schedule... just a stand-by, as always. tomorrow night will be my third time, i think... 4th, if praise & prayer is counted.

ok... so anyway, i thought it would be real cool to play amongst cekap people, people who are good at their stuff. but then, i find i really tough... in fact, i'm almost struggling. it's not that i'm complaining... but, yeah, it's hard.

no.1: all the other musicians, they are really good at their stuff. they've got their guitars and keyboards to practise on at home... i don't even touch my drumsticks unless i'm on! i come into contact with the set only every fortnight. well, i'm to blame also... i don't make time for lessons... :D ok. so everyone's sort of expected to be able to play up to standard and i find that i can't live up to that standard. i'm just confused all the time. LOL. i think i have this super blur face when i am playing. no kidding.

yup... looks like me. i should wear a paper bag on my head.

so, anyway, i feel sort of pressured, but i should work harder, a lot harder. ganbatte, myself! err... that was weird...

another thing... i've got caught up in this miyavi thing!!! do i look like a j-rock fan? uhh... even people don't believe it when i say i like watching anime, what more heavy stuff like j-rock? but it's me, right? so as long as i'm doing right, living right then no harm. miyavi just really gets into you... even my sis is kinda nuts about him. really gila guy and talented. and to think that he's just 26! i'm currently reading his translated blog and yeah, gila. check out his selfish love song on youtube. that one's cekap. and also watch the fanvideo on miyavi using 'sexyback'. hilarious. even a 29 second video of him playing the guitar is cool enough.

but, if you are not used to the j-rock scene then maybe he's not for you. hehe... i guess i'm immuned already by my sis' craze for gackt and dir en grey. haha... and did i mention? he's part of S.K.I.N. it's a supergroup with the line-up of: Gackt (piano; vocals), Miyavi (guitar; shamisen), Sugizo (guitar; violin) and Yoshiki (drums; piano). ok, i'm new to the j-rock scene but i have to admit that gackt's quite good. i can't say much about sugizo and yoshiki but with my sis' constant "wah..."-ing and their participance in S.K.I.N., they should be good.

well, i would like to attend a concert of his. he does quite a lot of lives in the US but do you think malaysia? haha... of course not. the censorship board will send him flying home to japan. even his cds are not seen on any shelves... bleah...

anyway... lights out. goodnight!

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  1. eh..audrey LOOOVESSS miyavi...i even bought her cds for her b'day last time. You can't get him here..singapore got la..

    i have to admit his guitar is cekap (from the vid i saw in ur sis's blog) but eheh..tattoos are not my thing..haha. He looks a lil girly also leh..=D least u get to play for service..i only player ONCE for praise and prayer..long time ago. But church so many cekap guitar players so like i'm kinda at the bottom of the food chain..=D. Anyway..good job last night! u manage to handle hosanna quite well leh.


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