Friday, October 19, 2007

holiday recap

okay... the hols. are coming to an end. 1 more week of exams and i was busy pigging out the whole hols. this is generally what i did...

badminton... sleep... badminton... eat... tv... sleep... tv... eat... internet...

studied a bit of bio and did 2 or 3 add math sums, which were BAD..

only one interesting part. i went back to penang - day trip. watched a chinese slapstick movie which was amusing. tony leung and miriam yeung acted in it. went to the sunway carnival mall, some new place in butterworth. for butterworth... well, it was quite high standard. generally, butterworth's just got carrefour-like supermarkets and that 'waste-of-money-and-building-materials' pacific hypermarket. so, we just window shopped. didn't see anything i like. anyway, if i did, it would be way beyond my budget... bleah... :P had a nice dinner in raja uda, then, went home...

now, my sis has gone on a craze for miyavi - a j-rocker (right). he is good, i admit and amusing too. haha... he's a really good guitarist. ok... that's an understatement. he's a BRILLIANT guitarist. i'd recommend any guitar fanatic to watch him play. only, be prepared for some weird antics. (j-rockers are sort of funny by the way)

miyavi can play some complex stuff on the acoustic, maintain a steady beat with a tambourine on his foot and sing at the same time. that... is utterly cool. his voice isn't the best but it suits his songs. his got all sorts of funny hairstyles and piercings and chinese writing-tattoos on his arms (his whole back's adorned with them... ouch). fashion-wise, i don't recommend him but music-wise, he's good and quite entertaining to watch cos he's so gila.
before i do badly in my exams, i'd better log out now.
yiwen... out.

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