Friday, October 26, 2007

happiness, BLISS!

i officially declare myself a free human from EXAMS!

well... temporarily... i've got the big one coming next year.. :/

happiness comes easily to me. :D
that's good.
exam's finally over after 2 weeks of slogging and one week of waiting.
tomorrow i'll be going to the history makers' anniversary upon anna's invite. :) fun... like the BBQ last time. (12 weeks!!!)
my miyavi songs are d/loading so fast :)

haha... i'm smelling like sotong because i helped my mom clean sotong. i took a whole whopping 1 hour to clean six or seven of those slimy white things! bleah...

i cannot qualify to be an asst. chef. haha..

i'm completely addicted...

aik... no badminton this week... sad...
i'm losing all my stamina and muscles(!)
that day, while studying P.E. (so lame -.-'), i was so sleepy so i started doing pumping. i did less than 20 and my pectoralis major hurt a little... :/ i could do 50 last time and have no pain ... :( nvm, i shall work hard to achieve my goal of .... SIX-PACK! (hahahahahahahahahaha) LOL

currently listening to: miyavi - jibun kakumei
currently feeling: over the moon and HUNGRY!

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