Tuesday, October 30, 2007

wait up!

one year's almost over.
time is getting really scarce to rush to datelines, to say goodbyes, to enjoy the last few minutes.

there are loads of things to do this coming hols. study, study, study, gain weight (!), train badminton harder, go jogging, prepare for IIR, holiday-ing, going out with friends... church, youth camp.... etc etc etc

can't wait. but if the hols come, it signifies the end of the year.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

painkillers, somebody!

argh... my right shoulder hurts like someone's rubbing it with sandpaper. and tugging at it. and poking needles in it. HARD. can't sit up at computer for too long. sigh... like old woman already...


i'm using some SALONPAS patch. usually it relieves my pain but now it's not. help, help, help.

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currently feeling: pain, tired

Sunday, October 28, 2007

H.M. anniversary & Grad Nite prep

yesterday, went to history makers' 6th anniversary.
anna and the others were so fun. haha...

grad night is on friday!
i haven't even started one bit yet. thanks to the super LATE decisions of the theme.

sounds kinda cheesy...
wish we could have just stuck to "black.red.white."
so much cooler.

on a limited budget, there's nothing much i can do... less than 50 bucks. might have to fish out some from my own pocket. :( some cool ideas...

cds hanging from the air??? backed with red, black and white?
crepe paper for a big bow on the green chairs?
small 8 inch lamps with lantern candles in the middle??
coloured water in slim glasses?
waaa.... i don't know....

any ideas anyone?

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currently feeling: lost, tired

Friday, October 26, 2007


happiness, BLISS!

i officially declare myself a free human from EXAMS!

well... temporarily... i've got the big one coming next year.. :/

happiness comes easily to me. :D
that's good.
exam's finally over after 2 weeks of slogging and one week of waiting.
tomorrow i'll be going to the history makers' anniversary upon anna's invite. :) fun... like the BBQ last time. (12 weeks!!!)
my miyavi songs are d/loading so fast :)

haha... i'm smelling like sotong because i helped my mom clean sotong. i took a whole whopping 1 hour to clean six or seven of those slimy white things! bleah...

i cannot qualify to be an asst. chef. haha..

i'm completely addicted...

aik... no badminton this week... sad...
i'm losing all my stamina and muscles(!)
that day, while studying P.E. (so lame -.-'), i was so sleepy so i started doing pumping. i did less than 20 and my pectoralis major hurt a little... :/ i could do 50 last time and have no pain ... :( nvm, i shall work hard to achieve my goal of .... SIX-PACK! (hahahahahahahahahaha) LOL

currently listening to: miyavi - jibun kakumei
currently feeling: over the moon and HUNGRY!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

random talk


that was what i would describe last night's service. did better than i'd expected. :D well... that was after listening to 'save australia' (planetshakers) and 'hosanna' (united) almost 10 times each... kinda sick of 'save aussie' already... :/

haha... yeah, miyavi looks quite "girl" at times. LOL.

my mom's on a streak of making western food for us.

pork chops in mushroom sauce.

chicken & potato bake


ham & bacon breakfast...

phew! it's good also... something different.

i think she's baking now again... i can hear her cake mixer. haha...

oh yeah... speaking of weirdness...last nnight i had a weird dream. LOL (i always have weird dreams anyway)

my mom has this vendetta against ants. this vendetta has been passed down to me. I HATE ANTS! especially the black sugar ants. yuck.

so i dreamt that my room was infested by 4 ants.. somewhere near my revision books. my sis and i tried killing them but the grew bigger and bigger until they were the length of a banana! scariee...

the other half of my dream was also weird but good. i was on for the service band again. darren came up and said "we're gonna play 'solution'". solution is a really tough song by united. i panicked (naturally ... blek)

then, he said some people are coming to watch us.
increased panic

turns out the people are some christian music fellas from US, i think.
they wanna find potentially good musicians and train them up
so they're gonna watch us... scrutinise.... >.< ~this girl... hmmm...~
gotta play well!

the greatest part of it all was..
if they think that you are good...
you get a fully paid something like scholarship to the US with allowance
to learn music!!!

wakaka... i wish i got it... but i had to get up. nature calls you know?

but then again.. it was only a dream..

paper bag and a crazy guitarist

now, i'm already playing in the saturday night service band, finally. but, i'm not put in the official schedule... just a stand-by, as always. tomorrow night will be my third time, i think... 4th, if praise & prayer is counted.

ok... so anyway, i thought it would be real cool to play amongst cekap people, people who are good at their stuff. but then, i find i really tough... in fact, i'm almost struggling. it's not that i'm complaining... but, yeah, it's hard.

no.1: all the other musicians, they are really good at their stuff. they've got their guitars and keyboards to practise on at home... i don't even touch my drumsticks unless i'm on! i come into contact with the set only every fortnight. well, i'm to blame also... i don't make time for lessons... :D ok. so everyone's sort of expected to be able to play up to standard and i find that i can't live up to that standard. i'm just confused all the time. LOL. i think i have this super blur face when i am playing. no kidding.

yup... looks like me. i should wear a paper bag on my head.

so, anyway, i feel sort of pressured, but i should work harder, a lot harder. ganbatte, myself! err... that was weird...

another thing... i've got caught up in this miyavi thing!!! do i look like a j-rock fan? uhh... even people don't believe it when i say i like watching anime, what more heavy stuff like j-rock? but it's me, right? so as long as i'm doing right, living right then no harm. miyavi just really gets into you... even my sis is kinda nuts about him. really gila guy and talented. and to think that he's just 26! i'm currently reading his translated blog and yeah, gila. check out his selfish love song on youtube. that one's cekap. and also watch the fanvideo on miyavi using 'sexyback'. hilarious. even a 29 second video of him playing the guitar is cool enough.

but, if you are not used to the j-rock scene then maybe he's not for you. hehe... i guess i'm immuned already by my sis' craze for gackt and dir en grey. haha... and did i mention? he's part of S.K.I.N. it's a supergroup with the line-up of: Gackt (piano; vocals), Miyavi (guitar; shamisen), Sugizo (guitar; violin) and Yoshiki (drums; piano). ok, i'm new to the j-rock scene but i have to admit that gackt's quite good. i can't say much about sugizo and yoshiki but with my sis' constant "wah..."-ing and their participance in S.K.I.N., they should be good.

well, i would like to attend a concert of his. he does quite a lot of lives in the US but do you think malaysia? haha... of course not. the censorship board will send him flying home to japan. even his cds are not seen on any shelves... bleah...

anyway... lights out. goodnight!

Friday, October 19, 2007

holiday recap

okay... the hols. are coming to an end. 1 more week of exams and i was busy pigging out the whole hols. this is generally what i did...

badminton... sleep... badminton... eat... tv... sleep... tv... eat... internet...

studied a bit of bio and did 2 or 3 add math sums, which were BAD..

only one interesting part. i went back to penang - day trip. watched a chinese slapstick movie which was amusing. tony leung and miriam yeung acted in it. went to the sunway carnival mall, some new place in butterworth. for butterworth... well, it was quite high standard. generally, butterworth's just got carrefour-like supermarkets and that 'waste-of-money-and-building-materials' pacific hypermarket. so, we just window shopped. didn't see anything i like. anyway, if i did, it would be way beyond my budget... bleah... :P had a nice dinner in raja uda, then, went home...

now, my sis has gone on a craze for miyavi - a j-rocker (right). he is good, i admit and amusing too. haha... he's a really good guitarist. ok... that's an understatement. he's a BRILLIANT guitarist. i'd recommend any guitar fanatic to watch him play. only, be prepared for some weird antics. (j-rockers are sort of funny by the way)

miyavi can play some complex stuff on the acoustic, maintain a steady beat with a tambourine on his foot and sing at the same time. that... is utterly cool. his voice isn't the best but it suits his songs. his got all sorts of funny hairstyles and piercings and chinese writing-tattoos on his arms (his whole back's adorned with them... ouch). fashion-wise, i don't recommend him but music-wise, he's good and quite entertaining to watch cos he's so gila.
before i do badly in my exams, i'd better log out now.
yiwen... out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Aiyo...big mistake, la weh... i feel darn bodoh... shouldn't have listened


oh yeah,

happy birthday anna! (if you chance upon reading this)

Friday, October 5, 2007

i need more guts!

okay, i didn't have the guts yesterday to say it. much to mel, glenna and debbie's disappointment. SORRY! but today, with my support (debbie!!!), i'm going to work up the courage to talk to the fella after ... say... 6-7 weeks???

wish me luck!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

i was bored. so...


i read this book, my sis'. it's a japanese novel translated into english by bonnie elliott. it's written by nakano hitori (meaning 'one of us') who is actually an anonymous fellow messager who collected Train Man's adventures and combined it into one thread. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, read on.

train man is actually about well ... basically Train Man. it's generally a whole huge internet chat thing. it's lifted directly from japan's 2-channel chat forum, the world's largest message board and the most popular web in japan.

so, train man is a geeky young fellow. he describes himself as a "basic Akihabara roaming techie..." and "Age=how long I've been without a girlfriend". he saves a girl from a pervert drunk on a train and then posts the story on the channel. the other geeks on the channel join in the enthusiasm and cheer him on to get together with Hermes (the girl got her name "Lady Miss Hermes" from the hermes teacups she sent him as a gift). they give him all sorts of tips on how to dress, talk, where to go, what to do, etc.

the book gets boring after awhile because it never shows anything outside the channel. details about their dates are all told by train himself. the geeks are actually the best characters in the book. hermes seems a tad too flirtatious and train just has not much guts, taking him eternity to woo hermes. but one credit to the book though, is for the super cute emoticons. eg.:

the true identity of train man, hermes and all the people on 2-channel have been kept secret until now. train man's sort of a phenomenon in japan, probably modern day "how-to-get-a-girl" legend. that's quite cool. there's a hit movie, a tv series, stage play, 5 manga realisations, a guidebook (gosh...) and 3 companion books.

the book's a bit on the expensive side. but if you want a light read for laughs, i recommend it.


happy birthday across the town

i wish you happy birthday from a distance

though you barely know me

and you may not even hear me

they say it's the that counts

so i'll wish hard upon a

that no matter where you are

it'll ride across the red tile roofs and tv aerials

and you'll get this from across the town.

happy birthday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007



history? chapter 6, 7, 8, 9 and...? into my head and out instantly.

bio? a wee bit of chapter 7 and ... nothing else.




add math?





oh well ... back to studying...
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