Friday, September 7, 2007

sniffs, sneezes and addiction

so, i'm down with a sniff. not a major one. the only thing i can't do is breathe lying down. pathethic, huh? and to think that i LOVE sleeping.

from a serious csi:ny addiction to heroes addiction. and then to house md. it seems like i can't live without these sort of tv shows. not that i watch telly often. i did have this thing for anime also. kyou kara maou, fruits basket.

now, i'm adddicted to something else - Law & Order: Special Victims' Unit. it's nuts but well yeah.

generally in every show, you would have a favourite character. well here are mine... [let's jjust say i have nothing to do so i'm actually blogging about this]

csi:ny --> danny messer [carmine giovinazzo]: i love his southern accent and his funny expressions.
heroes --> peter petrelli [milo ventimiglia]: this one i really don't know why.
house md. --> dr. house and of course, dr. chase [jesse spencer]: i don't know how he puts up with notorious house and even respects him. he could qualify for a calvin klein model and i love his australian accent.
kyou kara maou --> conrad weller [seiyuu: toshiyuki morikawa]: i like the way he was drawn. he has a calm, wise army-like behaviour, devoted to serve the maou - yuri. he's a mixed blood - mazoku and human. he was involved directly in a huge war which imprinted a tragic past. i like that.
fruits basket --> shigure and hatori souma: shigure's drawing is almost similar to conrad's and he's hilarious. hatori (dr. hatori) has a tragic past and he can erase parts of people's memories. cool and calm. rather cold yet professional.

the latest... law & order: s.v.u.
det. elliot stabler [christopher meloni]: there's something about his looks that make him look like a nice guy, like mac [gary sinise] from csi:ny. he loves his kids a lot and he's a devoted cop. nice...
det. olivia benson [mariska hargitay]: she partners elliot and she's a 'tough-as-nails' cop. dedicated and all. i love dedication and devotion.

when i get into something like tv shows, i involve myyself deeply in it. odd huh? like this one, i went to wikipedia and read stuff. i read fan fiction and all those stuff. when it was anime, i drew them like mad, till i injured my leg (seriously, the pins and needles caused a muscle pull). and guess what? for law & order, i found this blog totally dedicted to it. it's a whole series of blogs of all the characters. it's from their p.o.v. which is really creative. what a cool way to pen fan fic.

so yeah, i just watched one episode a few hours ago on starworld, read several fan fics and finished reading "olivia's" blog. maybe i'll catch some sleep.


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