Tuesday, September 25, 2007

pork buns

i think form 3 was a pork bun. white and NOT attractive but then really nice inside. and when you are overseas and there are no pork buns, you miss them.

form 3 really didn't sound nice because of pmr. but then it was still the best schooling year ever. and now that i'm in form 4, i miss that year.

so, in all, form 3 was a nice hot char siew pau.

i miss the time after pmr. and of course the most happening class of all - 3 HORNBILL '07.

during the post-pmr activities, we actually raked up 12 winnings. if you asked me to list them all, i won't be able to.

i remember, though, taking part in the spontaneous story-telling competition, talent time, nature folio thing which we did on turtles ... i think there's one more but i can't rmb.

the best was still talent time. we actually practised super last-minute as compared to the other teams. lo and behold, we managed to rake first place and even the best performance award!

we performed lifehouse's "you and me" with jessica as the lead singer and guitarist and myself as the fill-in keyboardist [mind you, i really can't play the piano all that well :)]. debbie and glenna were the "music video" starlets.

typical storyline:

guy (glenna) reading paper meets girl (debbie) --> falls in love --> go 'berpacaran' --> argument --> temporary insanity --> kiss and make up (well... thay didn't kiss, of course, otherwise we'd be x-rated)

here are some pics:

the whole team. me, jess and the lovey-dovey glenna and deb

note kay lynn and yan wun grinning behind there

jess & i

there are many more pics but sadly, more than 3/4 are really blur. example:

notice the "fans" and "paparazzi"

we had many encores and we had tonnes of fun. well... at least i did. the prizes? we gobbled everything down in class (teachers allowed us to eat), we ate during our class party and we divided among ourselves. yumm...

well, exams coming already... so, i've got to STUDY!

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