Sunday, September 9, 2007

midnight blogger

it's 12:10 and i'm here blogging the night away. tomorrow i have the ujian daya tenaga asas [u.d.t.a.] - pumping, sit-ups, stretching.

i did my 1, 500 metres last monday and i missed my target of 8 mins. i got a time of 8.35 mins. but oh well, i beat my previous time by 9 secs. so ok i'm pleased. besides i reached second out 66 students right after jessica, a difference of 5 seconds. and she's this super tennis player who trains, what? 3 times a week. i only train badminton once a week. so yeah, i'm happy.

but now, i'd better head to bed.



  1. haha. 8min stg is so good ady. x] good luck in the udta. XD

  2. haha..though 2 ppl got muscle pain la..

  3. WHAT 2 ppl cheated. i cheated also LOL. but mine was like freakind 13 mins. I WAS WALKING


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