Sunday, September 30, 2007

fried mee and food poisoning

i will never eat canteen fried mee ever again.

last friday, i ate fried mee for recess. during add math, i was feeling queasy - weird body aches, joint pain, nausea, headache, stomach disturbance... the norm..

thank god that komathy wasn't in school during chemistry. puked my guts out in the toilet. bleah... puking chilli out is never the ideal thing. you know how spice travels into your ears when you eat chilli? when you puke chilli it's 10 time worse, no kidding.

after school, i slept in the p.r. while waiting for my mom to pick me up. the bell rang and i jumped up immediately. bad action. i immediately felt like puking again. got my schoolbag. i thought i saw my mom's car outside the school gate but when i went nearer, it wasn't. by then i couldn't stand it any longer. i plonked my bag onto a bench under the tree and sat down.

instantly, i puked again... in front of several people. sikes, that was embarassing. some didn't notice though... waiting for mom was torture. finally she came and i just fell into semi-consciousness - between sleeping and not.

the doctor said there was some kind of epidemic going on around schools. apparently, i'm the first case from mgs. there were several cases from la salle, main convent... and others. (i couldn't pay attention)

this whole weekend (starting from friday afternoon), i think i've been completely awake for about less than 10 hours, and the rest, either half-asleep or asleep. but i think most of the time, i was half-asleep on the couch... my room's like a sauna in the afternoon.

effects of food poisoning:
- don't feel hungry although i eat less than a mouse
- feel tired all the time
- on-off fever
- headaches while watching tv or even reading newspapers
- major backache! (from being horizontal 3/4 of the time)
- cravings for ribena

horrid weekend. i couldn't study and i was actually looking forward to badminton on saturday! tomorrow, there'll be this thing where we'll go to the bangunan perak darul ridzuan as supporters for some quiz thingy... hope i don't start puking again. sigh... i'm tired of porridge... pork porridge, duck porridge, low shu fun ... bleah...

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