Monday, September 24, 2007

FREE SERVICE: discard burdensome cares at Jesus' feet!

i cast all my cares upon you
i lay all of my burdens down at your feet
and anytime i don't know what to do
i will cast all my cares upon you.
this is my favourite song 'i cast all my cares'. whenever i'm troubled, i will sing it to jesus. it's weird, but it calms me a little after that.
things this year have been tough this year and there were countless times where there were actually tensions rising up between my friends and i. and i don't fancy it at all. it's like rubbing a finger hard on sandpaper. it "ouch-es". i don't like it.
jesus takes away all my hurts and pains. last week, i felt like a paper cup. used, crushed and thrown away. that's the paper cup theory. i went for a healing rally last night at yuk choy hall by pastor vernon falls. i really didn't know what to expect other than the crippled walking and crowds.
as i was on the way there with dad, i had a feeling that he would be healed of his arthritis. i had this ringing thought in my head that one day, he would be able to play badminton as usual without pains. dad brought along some small hand towels so that ps. vernon could sort of pray over them so they could be used to heal the sick.*
we went into the hall and my dad instantly recognised this 'kwai lou' man and woman. i had no idea who they were only that the woman looked familiar. but i've never met her before. as i shook hands with them and my dad introduced me, i suddenly went "hi, pastor." when i didn't even know who they were. but i guess the anointing of the holy spirit upon him was so strong that somehow i felt something.
the praise & worship was something that differed. it was in tamil. although people of many races were there - chinese and indian - they seemed to be enjoying the session although they could barely understand a single thing. i guess jesus is indeed the bridge that breaks barriers. the female back-ups were very typical bollywood singers - high pitched. the lead old guy had a strong voice. they had two drummers - one on the pad, the other on the real drums. once again it was typical indian - heavy drumbeats even during slow songs, but they were just so great. they even sang english songs - "god is good all the time", "as the deer" and "give thanks". marvelous.
i witnessed many healings that night. while pastor vernon was talking with the aid of a tamil translator, someone started screaming. he instantly said, smiling, "DON'T LET THET BOTHER YOU BECAUSE SOMEONE IS BEING SAVED TONIGHT. SOMEONE IS BEING DELIVERED TONIGHT. EVIL SPIRITS ARE LEAVING!"
there was so much assurance in his voice that i felt safe. that was the strength of the holy spirit. amen. just listening to him, people sitting down were slain. whenever we prayed with him, we were to lift our hands up and shut our eyes. he prayed the miracle prayer and many people were instantly healed from their pain! jesus is better than a specialist!
next he called forth people who wanted the holy spirit in their lives, to give them the gift of speaking in tongues. my dad encouraged me to go to the front. it has always been my desire to speak in this language and so i went forward, without much courage. i was afraid. i didn't know why. i was one of the VERY few youngsters there. so i went in front and i lifted my hands and prayed. i think practically more than half the congregation came forward. he prayed and the team from the renewal lutheran church came to pray. i got prayed by this pastor from taiping. at first i was resisting, but finally i was transported into this warm presence of the holy spirit. as i lay there, i felt warmth that was so comfortable. everyone around me started speaking in tongues** but i just couldn't. inside i cried out too god, "why?" i felt this woman come and hold my jaw and said, "speak" several times. itried but couldn't and after a few times, she left.
i started crying and shaking. i felt my dad's arms around me and i cried and cried. i didn't even know why. i couldn't open my eyes at all. then someone from the rlc told m dad not to hold me for it was good that i was crying. so i was laid down and i still cried. i realised i was the last there. i tried getting up but it just seemed like i was hitting my head continuously on the floor. but there was no pain. i couldn't get up.
then i heard that those who needed healing were to come up front. so i tried to get up again and again. i heard some women saying that i needed to get up for those who were there would be slain too. they tried pulling me up with my dad but i couldn't support myself. i couldn't walk. they had to half-carry me to a chair, where i was plonked down. i sat there staring at shaking hands and legs. i felt strangely better but slightly weak. suddenly, i remembered my dad who was beside me. i told him to go for the healing. and he went. all those who went for the healing were anointed with olive oil, prayed for and slain for several seconds. they got up, shared and were healed. my dad came off the stage, beaming. the pain in his fingers disappeared! PRAISE THE LORD!
on the way home, i told my dad that i couldn't speak and i asked why i couldn't get up. he said that perhaps there are some hurts in my life that needs healing before god can give me his gift. he also said that i was very sensitive to the holy spirit. so, his means, i have to let go and surrender all my hurt, angers and unforgiveness to god then only i can take a step forward in my walk with him.
that night will always stay in my mind. more than 50 people of different ages were healed from their diseases and delivered from satan's oppression. i have seen god's hand and i want to see more of it.
* "and god was going extraordinary miracles by the hands of paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them." acts 19:11-12
** "and when paul had laid his hands on them, the holy spirit came on them, and they began speaking in tongues and prophesying." acts 19:6

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  1. oh mygoodness. this is AMAZING. will keep u in prayers. e gift of tongues WILL come to you! AMEN.


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