Friday, August 17, 2007

it ends tonight

a fullstop to one of my targets for the year.

back to the grill. tonnes of computer work to do - keying in names of latecomers into the system. no field work for me. as weird as it sounds, i prefer to run around doing work than sitting down in a fanned room etc etc.

headaches! today i had one. but that's when i start itching to write and my creative juices get flowing.

one letdown after another
seems like it's never ending
coming closer to the edge
i think i see a silver lining
but no, it's just a jet plane
here to whisk my dreams away
i see a calm after that storm
beyond that is a tidal wave
a hazardous speed no one can judge
like a bird that builds it nest
i built my hope high up
like a viper that knocks it off
my hope has come crashing down
i've needed and wanted so much
till i don't want to anymore
this treacherous wave has swept me
but i'll fight the current
i'll free myself from this choking embrace
shower me with hailstones
and destroy my umbrella of protection
but i'll shield myself from this pain
break me and i'll make me
stronger than you'll ever be
soon you'll just be able to see
the person who's not the old me
but just this new being
so i'll take it all
storm by storm, wave by wave
avalanche by avalanche
growing stronger day by day
calamity after calamity.


  1. it will be alright.. dont worry too much..

  2. great poem! great entry! hey, cheer up ya??

  3. hey my good friend... well everything happens for a reason n I'm sure God has far better things in store for u... I totally noe how u feel now but cheer up... u still got us... friends who loves u a lot for just who u r... =)

  4. hewo.. jus wanted to let u noe that i noe exactly how u feel.. n i dun jus mean i noe.. but i feel it too.. especially from my classmates.. i feel as much pain as u do if not more.. believe me.. i saved their asses tonnes of times but wat do they do?? eat in class.. stab my back.. not a single bit of gratefulness.. not a single bit of respect.. but wat r we supposed to do?? isn't it jus sad.. this part of life really stinks..


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